'I had an overwhelming desire to kill a child'

German police have arrested a top phone company executive who kidnapped and murdered a 10 year-old boy - because he had a bad day at the office.

‘It was all the stress at work. The boss gave me a hard time and I had this overwhelming desire to kill a child,’ the murderer told police after a five-month manhunt which led to the arrest.

The man, who has only been identified as 45-year-old Olaf H because of German privacy laws, phoned his wife as he drove home from work near Bonn to tell her about his miserable day and to say he might be late.

‘I drove around aimlessly looking for a random victim, a child because I wanted to have power over somebody,’ he said in a reported statement.
‘A girl or a boy it didn’t matter. I needed somebody so I could relieve my frustration.’

His victim was a boy named by police only as Mirco who was cycling home at 10pm after spending the evening at a skating rink.
He made the boy climb into his car before raping and then strangling him.
He dumped the body in a wood at Grefrath, near the Belgian border.

Olaf’s career took a turn for the better after the murder. His boss promoted him, gave him a pay rise and put him in charge of a department with 150 workers.
‘I had no more worries,’ he said in the statement.
Although the boy’s disappearance shocked the whole country, nobody suspected the devoted family man with a 26-year-old wife Michaela and two children aged two and 17 from a previous marriage.

Then a member of the public gave the cops a decisive tip. He had seen a blue VW Passat being driven in the area on the night when the boy went missing.
Police traced the owners of 2000 Passat cars, including one leased vehicle which had been sold soon after the killing . The German cops traced the vehicle to Russia and found traces of DNA in the boot and on the back seat.

These matched the DNA of OIaf H, the former leasee of the car, and he made a confession after showing detectives the spot where he had dumped the boy’s body.

‘Having a bad day at the office is no excuse for murder,’ said a detective. 'This man just wanted to exercise his power over a helpless child. It’s a case for the psychiatrists.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1352185/German-executive-murders-boy-10-blames-office-stress.html#ixzz1CpJ0tixA



I love stuff like this. I always watch tru-tv at night and see how murders like this are solved. It’s always bone chilling to see what sick people do to others for the most ridiculous reasons. But in the end when the crimes are solved, it’s always good to know the bad guys get caught and locked up.

I wouldn’t doubt if this guy has killed before. If he pre-meditated to kill a child, most likely he’s done it before in the past.

Patrick Bateman in real life

i dont even know how to respond to this.

Reminds me of these crazy Swedish movies I was watching yesterday. I think the first one was called “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Plenty of rape, if you are into that sort of thing.

Crazy how he got promoted and everything started to go well after he fucked over the child.

Hell of precedent to set, huh… :wtf:

This gives me the desire to kill a 45 year old man from a top phone company. -__-


go white people!

I dunno why, but I was caught off guard by the “raping” part. I should have guessed when he said “could have been a girl or a boy, i just wanted power over the victim”, but damn. And the fool got promoted afterwards? Man, if I was that kids parents i would fuck him up. No homo

I was think the same thing and going all wtf.

But then, one could say it is to bring him up higher so he could fall harder.

Rape is always about power.

Why doesn’t anyone ever feel the overwhelming desire to kill a bear?

Jim West does.
He always does.

I have an overwhelming desire to kill some bees…those fuckers cost me over $300 in medical bills…

they stole off on me first…

Not to go too off-topic but I had always thought it was both the power and the sexual gratification aspect as well for these sick people, or sometimes either/or.

Fuck. We get it Bogart. =P

I take it you don’t know SRK very well.

@ECN, that was just like Patrick Bateman. All he had to say was that "he had to return some video tapes(or in present time dvds or blu rays). Crazy story nonetheless.

i’ve been raped by my asian wife, its not about power all the time…

I can CEO’s now telling their employees to find some kid rape/kill to get better work performance…