I has a 360 dlc Code


Anybody willing to trade anything? Gamestop screwed up my ps3 pre-order. >.>
I have both consoles, so offer anything…


Where are the codes anyway? I pre-ordered the game over the weekend, and didn’t receive anything but the game when I picked it up today. Anyway, I have a Smite Key if you’re interested.


On the receipt! Hope you didn’t throw it out like I did. Before you ask, YES I did go dumpster diving for my Angel code!


:eek: Nice!


What is the DLC preorder bonus anyway? Thinking about picking this up today.


If you preordered the game and you accidentally threw it out, they can probably pull up your order and print you a new one, fyi. I’ve heard of people doing it already.


I got a Kazuya avatar with my purchase, but after redeeming the code, I can’t for the life of me find said avatar anywhere to apply it… any suggestions?