I hate every character

I tried to choose a character. But I hate every character in SF4. I hate every one. Please Advise

random select.

I heard stop playing a game you hate works =P

But Sagat owns D:

i hate playing him it’s boring as fucik

i got honda 3 times in a row i am not playing honda

Free your mind, Neo.

this might be more of an investment of your time than you would care for but try this

pick a character (not honda or sagat apparently) and before you jump into setups and links, try getting a grasp for their normals, standing, crouching and jumping. try beating arcade on easy or w/e dificulty is just challenging enough with only normals and specials.

getting comfortable with my mains normals significantly improved my game (knowing when to do a st fierce instead of a dash punch for rog) so give it a shot and see if you still hate your character when youre winning :wink:

Personally I find Fucik’s work fascinating, but each man to his own.

Also it’s odd how you name yourself after someone you hate.

t-t-t-troll thread

wait till super thats what i’m doing. i’m tired of playing with ryu so i’ma pick up guy

I take it no one’s gathered bar Sillender that this is probably some stupid troll attempt?

laughed till i coughed. opinion on Fucik is so divisive!

Fucik is top tier

Fucik is actually not nearly as boring a character as initially perceived, he has many a mixup and option select.

This is a troll thread, you should see this guy’s other threads.

awww no love for honda? :frowning:

Pick Reptile.

Sub-Zero ALWAYS.

You don’t HAVE to like the game you know. It’s okay if you don’t play SF4 and play something else instead.

you arent going to like any character if you cant win with any character