I HATE KEN! rant warning

So I was playing against a scrubby ass Ken today, and I was using Dee Jay. I’m just learning DJ, so I fell victim to this scrubs pattern of fb,fb,fb, jump, mash srk if caught in a combo. Ok I’m just learning so I wasn’t too mad. He comes back again, and I pick Balrog, who I am much better with. Still a bit rusty, so it was close. It comes down to the last round, he throws a fireball, I U1. I lol to myself as boxer beats the hell out of ken, Say Goodnight…SHORYUKEN!!! Ken srks before the last hit. WTF!!! I understand that lag can affect the game, but I have never seen an ultra interrupted by this bs. Why god…why…

that´s a spacing problem, rog´s u1 its not full screen and you have to use PPP version to avoid being interrupted from long distance (i assume that you were quite far when you use the ultra, cuz thats the only reason for ken being able to do a srk in the first place). Learn the proper spacing of the ultra and learn to do Dash into ultra to increase the range of violent buffalo /m2c

Your ultra was probably blocked. You can reversal before the last hit if so. Same thing happens as outlined in the last post.

LOL at hating ken, direct that hate towards Yun. As for your Ultra like they said there is a gap before the last hit if blocked… sucks to learn that the hard way but at least you know for the future.

U1 whiffes the last punch when done at max range, unless you took him to the corner before that. Learn your spacing, son.

There’s ALWAYS a gap between the final punch of his Ultra and his super, the gap is at least 2f, I know that Gief can meat spin non-ex.spd and it’ll connect. The spacing isn’t a factor in this case. For example Makoto’s only way to reversal U1 after blocking Balrog’s U1 is to do it in that gap or dash forward karakusa to U1 after blocking the entire ultra. Her U1 doesn’t have the range to reversal punish because of the pushback.

I meant on hit, of course. If you do U1, hit it on max range and you’re not close to the corner, pray that the opponent doesn’t know that your last hit is going to whiff.


Wingless One, how far where you from Ken when he threw the hado?