I hate ranked :(


Nothing beats like having a 40+ win streak ruined by phantom losses. That and I only run into the top 50 like maybe once or twice a session, making it nearly impossible to level up. Is there some secret time when high rankers play?


Just don’t play ranked. Ranked is dumb anyway since it’s full of rage quitters.


Yeah it is. It’s getting worse than Hyper Fighting recently.


Just be careful. If you’re too aggressive and hit them too much you’ll just fill their K-groove meter until they pop and then level 3 Tiger Slam their ethernet cable.

In all seriousness, I don’t like ranked mostly because when you do find someone good, you only get to play them for one match. I generally like quick matches because they’re fast and I’m always playing. Player rooms are definitely the best. If you hang around long enough in one, someone good is bound to wander through. Then you can friend them and invite them to future player rooms. Repeat until you have a respectable posse to practice with.


Rank sucks, if your going 40+ winning streak then its time to move on. To break the top 10 you either have to beat tons of mediocre players or hope you come across somebody with a decent rank, which seems to be very unlikely.

Like you, I can go 20-30 matches without losing when playing ranked, which sounds good but its only bcos the competition is so bad, and then when you come across a decent player, you’ll find your skills have dropped cos you have been player weaker competition.


Why didn’t they fix this bug? Sometimes (or i should say often, very often…) when you play and win in ranked matches, the game gives you a loss and makes you loose points…Even if you win!! (if the game does it after a fight vs a scrub, your rank is ruined!)

SSF2THDR’s leaderboard is broken!


Yup. I gave up ranked when my record no longer reflected my actual skill and play. My 31-30 record online SEVERELY understates the win total (hint: quitters).


that happened to me too! I won a match after that I checked leaderboards & I find out that I get a loss…they hav’nt fixed it. Guessing its a working progress


thats why I keep saying rank dosnt mean all that much. If you want to know how good you are or if you improving, just play players who you know are good and keep checking how you perform against them.


It reaaaaly sucks when you beat someone in the top 10 and you barely move up. I’ve been in the 40~ish range for awhile now and I’ve beaten some top 10-ers two times in a row and barely got anything.


lobbies arent the greatest thing in the world either when someone with a terrible connection comes in and crashes the shit :confused:


Well, lobbys really pay off when you have a decent amount of friend to the point where you can just set up a room of 4+ with private slots only.


3 things that hdr needs badly:

  1. ping filter for player matches.
  2. fix akuma
  3. fix the leader boards…any disconnect = automatic loss

If they do these things this game will be perfect


What Capcom could do would be to reset the leaderboards every 3 months, and give the first place person 300 points or some Capcom shwag. That would keep it interesting and fresh rather than let it go stale.


yea I hear you on that

lol I’ve seen the mountain of wins you have on the leaderboard, and your rank should definitely be much higher. Looks like I’m not the only one stuck in the 40s (lol)

I gave up on ranked, because I got bored of staying in the 40s without any change for the past months. And I’ve also beaten high ranked players in the 20s and up and still no change. The top ranks on the leaderboard will almost never change. But its not a big deal, I know many players who are ranked all the way down and they are still one of the best players on XBL

Only time when I play ranked matches is when I’m really bored or when I cant find any player matches


I think I might quit too. Quarter matches are good enough.


I retired from playing ranking matches as soon as I accomplished everything I wanted to do: play 500 ranked matches and maintain a 70% win percentage with a character I didn’t use before. After 701 matches, 501 wins and 200 losses (71.4% winning percentage), I’m a happy camper.

You could say BlueTallCans (who beat me with his Ken) put me into retirement. :rofl:


for ranked im something like 1900 wins 74 loses…rank matches suck


i have perfect record in ranked… 4 and 0 baby.

so yea, i never liked ranked. i have nothing to prove there. its much better to stay on top in a quarter match with good people in the room and/or watching and learning from the better people in the room.


Irepressible - what’s your avoid percentage over Live? I imagine its astronomical.