I Hate Rushdowns!


I can’t beat a rushdown player to save my life. I’ve played SSF4 for so long, and I can never beat a player that’s always in my face. Same with MvC3, I’ve only had the game for about 4-5 hours, and I still can’t handle the rushdown players online.

Is there a way to stop the rushdown, or is better for me to learn it myself?


To stop a rushdown you have to use your footsie game to limit your opponent’s options and therefore stop them from getting into a position where they can gain an advantage (e.g. a knockdown) effectively rush you down. Of course at times the best answer to a great offense is to have one of your own, and therefore it would definitely be good to develop your own rushdown game. Of course this depends on which character you are using and if rushing down is one of his/her strengths.

When being pressured, i.e. rushed down, BLOCK. Don’t mash out and don’t be too hasty since that’s usually what your opponent wants you to do. Be aware of your opponent’s block strings and habits and you will be well on your way to diffusing rushdowns. When you see an opportunity to effectively reversal or have a high priority counter to a move in your opponent’s pressure game, make sure you take advantage in a timely manner.

Developing a solid defense takes time and you are going to get rushed down, beat up, perfected, and taunted in the process, but stay calm and motivated and eventually you will find that you are doing most of the rushing down and/or perfecting, taunting, etc. lol


It’s mostly about knowing the distance and setups they need to start their rush down. Most rushdown characters have shitty pokes (or really low stun like Akuma) and they often cannot start decent rushdown outside of a knockdown. For instance against Rufus, you can try to keep him out of divekick range while making sure he doesn’t knock you down. At this point he will attempt to push you into the corner, so you have to attempt to prevent that as well. If you just let him start dive kicking you or if you are careless and let him EX messiah you, then the rushdown is going to start for real. Pay attention to what gets you knocked down against rushdown characters and think of the spacing at the time etc.


Don’t forget that in Vs games you can Advance Guard (force your opponent away) if you hit two attacks while guarding.


I’ve have problems against opponents that rush me down and advice like this is really helpful.

Personally I just try to observe how my opponent is getting in and how they like to attack and try to find a way to prevent it. An example would be Ken players who constantly jumps in to start their offense. After they’ve gotten a few successful jump ins, they’re more than likely to continue doing it unless you find a way to stop them with either an anti-air or a just blocking. The main idea is to find a pattern in their offense and try to find a way to stop it.


use a good anti air in mvc3 and footsies in SSF4 but in mvc3 there is a perfect team for you to runaway with: arthur, chris and Sentinel


Block their mixups, punish when able. As far as I’m concerned, those represent more fundamental skills than playing footsies.


Rushdowns are kinda like bombs, diffuse them before they blow up on you.