I hate this game

For making every game in comparison boring.


Damn, I wanted to use the Ignore feature. I agree though, but KOF13 is gdlk.

this game is the best

CvS2 ain’t bad though

alpha 3 is pretty good too

right on. 3s did it to games, LOTRs did it for films for me. at least there are two Hobbit films coming out and we can play 3s forever. ;p

give Vampire Savior a shot if you want a completely different 90’s capcom game.

I love Vampire Savior and every other game mentioned in this thread, but none of them even compare to 3S.
I think I’m going to sell SFxT and devote my time to learning 3S, KOF13 and Alpha 3 (unless the Playstation port on PSN sucks?).

the playstation port of ANY fighter sucks. Alpha 2 is better by the way.

Kof13 is fun, sfxt is starting to be fun for me, I love alpha 2 and 3 but have never played them for an extensive period. Sfxt has gotten me reinterested in tekken after years, so Ill def check out ttt2. But 3s is the only game…idk even know how to explain it, its been my favorite game for a long time. Id really like to try cvs2 and possibly vampire savior too.

After kof13 I am quite interested in classic 2d beatem ups.

I plan to maybe get marvel vs capcom 2 and Sf3 3rd strike (xbox live). I watched a view videos of 3rd strike, I never saw things like hitconfirming out of light attacks into special moves, and or linking mp or mk out of hitconfirming into special moves (like in sf4, it’s perhaps one of his biggest factors). Isnt that possible in 3rd strike?
And when not, where lies the focus? As far as I saw mainly in comboing into super out of low attacks and a lot of footsies. But it seems there are mainly used a lot of fierce attacks (HP, HK) , a lot of jumping and a lot of special attacks (in Sf4 like that its exclusively played by beginners).
So what makes SF3 >> SF4 for a lot of players (ok, there are no ultra attacks, so no bonus because of getting punched).

A2 is fantastic fun, and just like 3s, it has a solid top tier of around 4 chars (Rose, Chun, Ryu, Ken) who all fight each other well, and then a middle tier (Rol, Sim, Gief, Sak, maybe Gen) who can also compete, using the unique game mechanics (CC, AC etc.)
Excellent 2d art, plus amazing OST. The game still works fine on GGPO if you can get a match…

Vamp’ Sav’… that game looked phenomenal running on Saturn with the 4MB RAM cart, wowza :o

Play 3s, alpha 2, kof 2002, cvs2 and super turbo

Also sf4 is garbage.

Alpha 2 > Alpha 3 in almost every way. The music was more dope, too.

I like that I actually have more options available whenever I knock someone down or get knocked down. The gameplay’s simple enough and I feel more rewarded for being able to outsmart my opponent. That and there’s a lot more room for creativity in your own style.

Yeah, I might agree here (even if SF4 was the game, which brought me to the fighting game scene).
I think I will start with 3s then. If I have to choose from SF2 and the HDR version, which is the better one (mainly online gaming).
I think I will skip KOF 2002, because I have KOF 13 which I very much enjoy, no need for 2002 so far.
Is the alpha series available on xbox live ? cant find it so far, same vor capcom vs snk. thanks so far.

HDR has some differences from Super Turbo a lot of people don’t like but I’m not really the best person to ask about that. Kof 2002 is pretty different from 13, I play both but mainly 13. I play Alpha 3 and CvS2 on Dreamcast. Alpha may be on there but I’m almost positive CvS2 isn’t. I would play both those series on Dreamcast or PS2.

The way experienced players play and newer players play in 3S is radically different. You see a lot of weird stuff because more experienced players are accustomed to knowing when someone is most likely to attack, and with what kind of attack, and at what range. So they can effectively shut down a newer player entirely with parry.

Good players though are both trying to do things the other does not expect and at difficult to deal with times/ranges. That’s why you see a lot more variety in move usage in 3S. Players are trying to choose an effective move that their opponent does not anticipate. In something like SF4, it doesn’t matter if you anticipate it or not, if I am choosing the right move at the right time, I am doing well. In 3S the ‘right’ move for the right time doesn’t really exist. by right move I mean the single move that is the correct answer. Like always using low fierce to AA someone with Ryu or if not that, a late shoryu. in 3S it’s more like jab, strong, fierce, low fierce, roundhouse, shoryu, parry, block, walk under, dash under, walk back, dash back, etc. there’s more variation overall.

It’s a bit confusing at first but once you get a handle on the flow of the game, it’s extremely satisfying. Wins have a lot less to do with the character and a lot more to do with the player.

Alpha 2 is great. A3 sucks ass.

If you want to play ST with people over the net, GGPO is your place. HDR is a bit silly, and not too many people play it, It’s online is kinda ass too.

I would recomend KoF98 over 2k2, it’s more fun. Just pick Iori and Ralf in your team, 3rd char doesn’t matter.

Wonder how many people that say A3 is ass actually played the game? I find it much more enjoyable that alpha 2.

I played A3 and really didn’t like it. Didn’t like the 2 button throws (probably the most bizarre 2 button throw system in a fighter unless I missed a really obscure one), didn’t like V-ism and the fact that you started with full bar at the beginning of every round, liked the announcer but just about everyone enjoys the A3 announcer. A2 is just a deeper game despite some weird balancing.