I hate this game

When I lose in SF3, I don’t get pissed at all and can continue playing, losing every single match and not being able to win a single round without a problem. I don’t feel as if something unfair, lame or stupid happened (like a glitch or whatever) – I lost fair and square. SF4 has caused me to throw my stick (on my bed, mind you…it did pop up and put a small dent in my wall). Yes, what a loser I am and yaddayadda oh my god blahblahblah, etc, etc. Getting to the point, 3S has never made me THAT mad. When I used to play SF4, I’d get pissed every time because every time I lost, it just seemed so unfair and fucking retarded. LP, LP, LP, LP, throw was annoying to (This is more my fault for letting my opponent consistently do that), however that shit isn’t in any other game (that I’ve noticed).

Now the same thing is happening with SFxT. I spend time in training mode, learning combos and such just for my opponent to jab into magic series. Again, this is obviously my fault for not being able to apply pressure correctly in certain situations and the game is still new, so I obviously need to practice a lot more but none of this was ever a problem in 3rd Strike.

Everything flows smoothly in 3S, nothing feels clunky or awkward.

lol…3s is the most boring fighting game known to man. this thread is pure comedy

I had a good time playing it. Just me though.

Being super vague is loads of fun!

i love watching 3s but my heart belongs to mvc2

pgorath firin shots

Gorath always fires shots. That’s what he does.


hell yes. I love me some marvel vs capcom 2! I used to play 3s and mvc2 almost every day for 6 years at my arcade until they closed it down.
mvc2 is my second favorite fighting game and I have actually been in more marvel tourneys than 3s lol. but mvc2 is a skillful artcraft and much better than that awful mvc3 which only has a pretty exterior.

P. Gorath even bothering to come to the 3S subforum is comedy gold. The top part of SRK is a double edged sword sometimes.

P.Gorath prefers the four button mechanics.

I think they come in here because they know at least 3 people will post their name. If I thought the GD people would post my name 3 or more times per post, I’d be all over that place. I think.

Alpha 2’s Saturn version/A2 Gold had some bomb ass music. I put it over A3’s.

A lot of the best versions of character themes are still tied to that OST. And it created this gem:


Oh and course I’m an Alpha 2 guy. I played Rolento, Sodom, and Guy. I think it’s kind of funny my favorite SF characters are all from Final Fight, and I haven’t even played a Final Fight game.

Also, KOFXIII is a game I feel can get up there in the ranks where CvS2, 3s, Alpha 2 and Garou sit with me. Evokes a lot of the same feelings of accomplishment and enjoyment those games give me.

SFxT is Godlike as well.

I just watched boss kokujin and nuki play ae 2012, and it almost makes me wanna try it again…almost. too bad I know I wont like it lol.

Man I’ve just started getting into SF and this thread made me want to play 3rd Strike and Alpha 2 so bad. You guys make it sounds so fun but I don’t really have anyone to play with right now :frowning:

Dude, I know exactly what you’re talking about in the last part regarding SFxT. Yesterday it made me more upset than I think I’ve ever been over a video game in my life, and I used to play Halo pretty competitively so I’ve been pissed before. I was like shocked by how mad I got.

:smiley: I’m happy to see more people who like A2 over A3. Dudes got me on GGPO playing A2, PSX A2 was the first fighter I recall owning and that was some time ago. Now I found the sfz2 blog and can actually learn the game, and it’s just as fun as I remember it.

Have you tried crying about it?

a2 is awesome!

So I downloaded the Trial version of SF3 3rdstrike.
Man, isn’t it possible to combo out of light attacks? It was a big factor of my game in SF4 and KOF13 !
In KOF you can emptyjump, immediately cr.lk, cr.lp, command normal xx special (or super), it’s also possible to do in SF4, you can either chain cancel the light attacks, link into a medium/hard attack and cancel that into a special or link the light attacks and cancel into a special.
Isn’t that possible in 3rd strike? The gameplay feels so empty for me without hitconfirming out of light attacks into specials, I mean for what are the light attacks good in this game??? Just doing 3 light attacks in a chain and be done with it? Only possibility is an universal overhead after it, cause it’s the right distance after the chain, wow.
I think I will now try mvc2, lol.
After that I will just stick to KOF13 and SF4 :P.
So the hype about 3rd strike is just nostalgie ?

You can super cancel light attacks and you can use them to negate cancels after a parry. There are other uses but you’re an idiot so I’ll just get back to my porn.