I hate this

I’ve been playing ki since 1997 and love it I was looking forward to part 3 for years but fuck Microsoft to only release 6 characters and charge for additional characters that we have to wait years for wtf it’s insane and honestly turns me off from wanting to get into this ki3 could be a lot bigger if they waited had more characters added fatalities for the noobs to enjoy ect but yeah microsofts being greedy here and I’m kinda glad the games not as big as the others right now

well that depends on wat package u buy. if u just want the characters $20 shouldn’t hurt anyone especially wen u get a full game for $20. Now if want all the costumes and stuff $40 isn’t going to hurt either. there is a package deal where Season 1 and Season 2 with all extras for $60. All 3 prices are really good. it depends on wat u want.

Yes but in s few months well be paying more for another season ect probably by the end of the games life ends up costing a person 150

if u just do the combo breaker pack $20. if season 3 is added. S1+S2+S3= $60 for all characters. that’s only if u don’t care about costumes and getting them early.

In today’s gaming market it really is not that expensive. It very similar to buy a $60 game and a $40 season pass. I think fighting games work best with the “a la cart” pricing structure. Honestly how many of us keep buying the “new” street fighter to only end up using the same 5-8 characters? So in my eyes if the life cycle of the xbox one is 8 years that is $160 with a new season every year for $20 that is alot cheaper than purchasing a new iteration of Street fighter every 2 years at $40-$60

Do they at least rebalance the characters each season or will they stay the same and just add more characters stages ect

yea the rebalance every character every season. and they will do some changes to certain characters when a new character comes out. mostly its just bug and glitches that they fix.

I dont get the sense of this post.

are you still stuck in 2013? the game has way more characters now, 17 to be precise and more wil come.

If you want all the 17 chars is 40 bucks.


The game has allready grown a lot ( allthough IMO in the wrong direction but thats another story… ) and i think the whole f2p system around KI works perfectly and has been always more than fair when it comes to the content, characters, stages and the financial part.

Furthermore due to the one character per month thing its easier and not that frustrating to get into all the matchups, which is definitely a good thing for new fg players… but hey, fuck microsoft… right? >_>

A fighting game that’s been out for two years and only has 17 characters lol games today easily have rosters of 30 plus if u notice the best versions of games are the ones that feature the most characters like tekken tag kof 98 2002

It’s a fighting game there’s no excuse for them not to have more characters lazy game designers Luke tekken 7 is not gonna be as big as tag 2 how can we go from having 50 plus to like 20 it’s taking a big step back same thing will happen with sf5 now with ultra we basically have everyone in the game to play which allows more depth now I bet sf5 will not have near its like tekken tag to tekken 4 it bombed mostly due to lack of characters

Although, I didn’t like the state in which the new Killer Instinct was released, 6 characters at launch was ridiculous, I’m perfectly fine with the roster now, I’m actually tempted to buy a Xbox One now, if only I could find a white one.

I wasn’t into Guilty Gear before Xrd, the small amount of characters in the new game helped me learn the game faster. I didn’t have to go through 20+ characters to find my main.

Games today are very advanced it’s not hard to make a 2d fighting character 3 special moves and a few normals like I said developers don’t seen to put anything into fighting games compared to the content shooters sports games get u can’t deny that sf4 came out in 08 and took them till 2014 to add in the rest of the roster idk if it was for business or just being lazy

I’ve played ki 3 on a demo there’s just no excuse to not add the whole roster it’s notvlike they had to create new characters and they had years to plan for this that makes me never want to buy the game

I personally dislike 30+ character fighting games. And i really like the monthly additions. I dont care how big the game gets now as i have time to learn them in a month. I dont feel like buying tekken 7 for example… to many characters and i wouldnt miss 90% of the cast in the next tekken game.

the buisness model of ki is actually pretty fair. You get all the balance patches no matter how much money youve spent.
Theres no ultra or super version.
You could just buy jago and you would still be able to play with everyone else online. Sounds fair to me

As for your content complain…
Both game developer teams for ki were and are under a huge time pressure. They have done an incredible job considering the trouble ki went through.

I hope there’s no “Season 3”, the amount of characters right now is pretty good considering how complex every one of them is, and I want the game now, not in another year.

I think I’ve found a game you’d like:

Having a huge roster does not make a quality fighting game.
I seen decent fighting games with only a roster of 6 characters.

Damn right mugen

But u can’t deny usually the best version of any fighter is the game that has the most characters again kof 98 2002 tekken tag 1 and 2 ultimate mortal Kombat 3 alpha 3 ultra sf4 ect