I hate this


Teenagers play mortal Kombat for the fatalities I know tons who do trust me I know it doesn’t do anything for the real players but the noobs WANa see blood that’s what made the game popular to begin with


In KI to me, having unique characters it’s what gives them their on personality in a way. And me as a player can some how connect to that one specific player and play him for hours and not get bored, for example Hisako, as appose to having 300+ characters and getting bored fast cuse they similar… Who am I kidding…if KI some how gets to S5++ it might end up like thE others lol


Nobody gave a shit about No Mercies in KI except for the titty flash. Every match was all about the Ultra Combo. DH and IG did right by having Ultras for the finishers instead of the terrible fatalities in the originals.


Seriously, Iron Galaxy, please


M$ funded it as an XB1 exclusive. It’s not coming to PC for a while…


cant believe there’s so many people taht to this day, still dont get the concept of exclusives on consoles.


It’s probably coming to PC next season, or when season 3 wraps up. Considering the outcome of the poll the developers themselves put out, and Microsoft’s current stance on improving their Windows gaming, you’d be a fool to not see this.


sure and you’re a fool for talking about studd you dont even know.

I’m sure they’ll put everything on pc just because 2 shitheads trolls ont he interenet dont want to buy an xbox.


your salty tears do not qualify as proof or evidence


Believe me when I say this. There are a ton of people who would like to play this game, but don’t want to get an Xbone. Trust, there are a ton of people who would buy a game if it has a pc release




Well there’s like 3 competive high level players the past week, who have bought Xbox’s for ki (due to the recent support of the offline community by the devs) . So it still seems that as the games expands, hold outs can be convinced to invest in joining the game.


Buying a console for only a handful of games is equally just as dumb. If there is any chance that the title is coming to the PC aswell…there’s no need to be butthurt about that either.


The OP must not have realized that this was a budget game like Skullgirls. The game was not funded the money or development team to release content at a fast pace. That’s why Season 3 won’t even release till SFV launches. I wish someone told that guy that 4 months ago so he’d stop rambling LOL. It’s like asking why Skullgirls doesn’t have 40 characters or why a local latino market doesn’t have all your favorite cereals and beers.

I only play fighting games and bought the Xbox One for KI and was happy enough about it. Whereas someone else would have been spending lots of money on other video games I just spent money on one game that lasted me for 2 years. After 2 years I’m completely burnt out on the game, but at least I had my fun then.

I bought a PS4 just to play the BETA of SFV and enjoying that so far also. The only other stuff I play now is classic games like 3S or A2 on Fightcade. I’m a fighting gamer, not a video gamer so it works for me.

KI is confirmed to have a PC port now so I can now decide between keeping my Xbone (which I may only actually play for one other game) or just sell it and play the PC version. Then just hold onto the PS4 which will inevitably have another fighting game that I will play (probably Xrd or something).


PC version is confirmed for a March release, alongside the start of the Season 3 content.


Yes keep begging just like you pcscrubs always do.
They decided to port the game because the stupid community said yes, but they dont realize the games big problem was not beeing only xbox, but the stupid scrubs will soon realize that.
If they dont change things, game is gonna die anyway soon, since theres noi nflux of good dedicated players and the good ones keep dropping left and right. Everybody but the dumb scrubs is fed up with this stupid game. The game is not fun anymore thanks to ig and ms idiotic decisions and thanks to the fucking scrubs.


please elaborate kind sir

not to start an argument but more of a legit question


I could see if there was literally nothing else to play on launch but if you’re shelling out that type of money for a single game eh god bless. I can’t even justify buying a handheld for a single game.


You can go right to hell. I don’t know what crawled up your ass but that type of ire is from years of unresolved butthurt.


Some powerful butthurt you have @DamianKI.