I hate what this has become


is this the new drama thread?

please explain how the tekken scene has shitted on your face.


first time i met john (or is it jon?) mayfield was at preppys for that same sf4 tourney and he played josh. i was like “oh is he a new balrog player?” and i dont know who it was but they were like “3pwood john mayfield? nah hes old school from way back” and then i remembered i was still new. i was wondering if you played still cuz i hadnt been to the last couple events at zachs house and that was the only time i remember seeing you. anyways congrats man, sounds like you found a keeper.

jacob 2 u MY FRIEND


john whooped my ass (well it was a really good match ^^) in my first sf4 tourney. great guy met him a few times at southcenter. grats on the engagment !!!


Can we say ‘shat’ instead of ‘shitted’? It just sounds classier.

You know, like William Shatner.


priceline negotiator




wow this is kinda what the dank was talkin about. random ass derails and shit. shits irritating. anyways, IBUKI.


Nah man, my link demonstrates how eventually everybody, no matter how awesome or well respected gets replaced by the new comers who are hungry - it’s just the way things are in every community, not just the fighting game one.




oh crap, didnt even watch it til now hahahahaha. just saw shatner and thought it got derailed, but was actually on topic haha. yeah like how 3S characters > WW/CE/HF/S/ST characters ;p


Frank, I’m not exactly sure what prompted you to create this thread, but coincidentally enough, it was right after I made a couple of posts in the negro thread after a long hiatus. Most of the stuff you pointed out seem to be directly related to the content of my posts.

Perhaps you weren’t pointing fingers at me directly, but let me just make a couple of things clear: I didn’t mean to derail the negro thread…it seemed like it was mostly treated as the general “off topic random-ness” thread, so I thought I’d make a couple of posts in that manner. I can see what you’re talking about after reading through the first page, though. The thread seems to have lost its original purpose.

If it sounded like I was arguing with Pablo, it was not my intent. I even mentioned that the debate in hand was entirely subjective, and we all have our own personal tastes. I tried to post in the most civil way possible. Just had to get that out of the way. As for the inside joke posts with Gray Fox, I don’t really talk to him outside of SRK, so it was nice to have a few exchanges with him in the thread.

I’d be happy to talk more about myself, but it would feel like I’m attention whoring. I think only a handful of people here know who I am, so I don’t want to sound too emo and talk about some of the things I’m going through.

If you’re curious though, I’m kind of going through a quarter life crisis at the moment, and I’ve been pretty down in the dumps as of late (and let the attention whoring begin…). I save most of that melodramatic stuff for more private communities like facebook, since the people reading my updates are my friends, and not forum members who probably don’t give two shits about what I have to say. I try to refrain from posting too much of that on facebook as well, 'cause I don’t wanna look like a whiny ass bitch.

Just thought I’d throw in my two cents. Sorry…or you’re welcome? =/


This…except guile>>>>>>>remy…remy is lame…

and I’m quite saddened about the state of things because of the lack of hype or focus…I personally went back to the beginning of the preppy thread…not really old skool…but before my time…and I see all this hype about this and that and now all those people who were hype are all hatin on the game…same with every game that was played in Seattle…MvC2, CvS2, 3s, ST, T6, SC,etc…if it’s not coming out soon or brand new there really is only a select few that are hype for each of those games here and they still post up here and there and are hype for it but is still a very select group…I personally would be down for 3s and cvs2 but that’s me…but no-one plays those (I plan to get on GGPO in the future but need to figure that shit out)…It seems (to me) like Seattle has some ADD as a whole…and there has been a lull as of late…

All in all I understand the flood of new people and randoms (including myself) infringing on some of the things that you once loved (small tight group sessions/understandings and closeness between good friends) I understand some of the resentment/hate and it doesn’t bother me but I just hope to eventually be on some of your guy’s mental lvl with these games…I also hope that one day that there is another “golden age” or at least a renaissance of the NW forums (so I can see for myself) but I don’t think it will ever be the same…too much has happened in the publicity/technology/business end (money making) sides of things…and with SSF4 I don’t see things being too much different anytime soon.

I don’t have many funny stories I just look for competition and the fighting scene brings it in heaps which is why I wanna be apart of it…it’s a type of competition that is rarely seen…and that attracted me…the funny stories are a plus (Vivek) and theres nothing going on with me so I really don’t have much to contribute to in those respects…

My $0.02 take it with a grain of salt but it’s what I see (not like I should be a big opinion though considering my limited experience)


The reason this forum changed is the popularity of SF4. That should be obvious. As far as the Tekken scene shitting on you…I don’t see it. If I’ve offended you personally, let me know and we can talk about it. I have nothing but gratitude for Tekken’s inclusion in Season 1.


I love both of those games. They’d be fun as casuals, but I think I have to spend most of my time practicing for things that are at evo. I probably can take only one or two games seriously as I prioritize dating over games. James and I can host sessions. We have two 360s and widescreens. (1 wii, 1 ps2 also) We’re down in renton, I only know a few people that are down here.

I hope yo ucan pick up HDR, I think you’d be good at it.

Sorry to derail. I don’t know if you’re just missing old people or if you’re wanting new people to open up. I’d think this place can be an intimidating place to post for newer people maybe.


Remember the great forum Seattle/Edmonton feud of 05? Or was it 06, or 04? Those were funny times. My most missed posters are Ian, Evan, Mandel and Sean. And of course, Cody, in spite of his boaterness.

Bakemono haha


This section has become hella gross. The stupidest threads get the most fuckin attention. Yes im calling out the stupid fuckin threads. " Your not serious about taco del mar " Whaat kind of fuckin bull shit is that? Really, a thread about mexican food. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK. While im on it, Fuck that Bushido blade thread too. That shit is HELLA NOT NEEDED. what the fuck would ANYONE get from that shit besides 10 seconds of memories of a SHITTY GAME. Now we got this new gay shit talken about how pretty they are. COULDNT BE MORE HOMO! All this shit is a fuckin joke and a waste of space. but yet we want people to take the NW seriously in gaming but these kind of bull shit threads are at the top of the list. Then the negro thread is gone to shit with a bunch of people acting hard when most people know better. Fuck outta here.


I like mexican food, yo. And I’d love to meet up with cool SRK peops (“peeps”) for meals. Plus some of the posts in there are really, really funny. I give a thumbs up to the THREADS DE LOS SUSTANTIVO.

I can understand why you’d be sad that the Negro BETTER thread has had little biographical content, when that was its original purpose. I think it has become the NW section ‘misc’ thread. And… I feel like we need one of those.


the lookin, cute feelin cute thread is raw. Just like the saying.


DrewDub - “we need more Bakemono in the scene.”

FatBear - “im right here guys!”



It’s funny, though. After a five minute review of all the other matchmaking areas, we are the only area with a people care about people atmosphere. Every other area, it’s about the places to play the games. THAT’S IT. I’m sure there’s some bonding going on, but look at the threads. It’s all based on where to meet up to play.

Look at the Negro thread. Sure it’s derailed from the outset, but just talking about random shit, it shows everyone else what your interests are. Like Riki-Oh reading comics HARDCORE. They don’t have that in the other areas. Not from what I saw, anyway. I’m sure someone here could prove me wrong, but that’s not the point.

We handle our business up here, but we also like to relax, feel me? And it’s not like we’re shitty players. I am, but still. If I remember reading correctly, Team Seattle handled business up at Evo. Didn’t win, but handled a lot of other regions.

*Edit: Remember, this is Northwest DISCUSSION & Matchmaking.


i’m glad you like it. you inspired me to start it. someone gave it a one star rating. i guess people just take themselves too seriously. look at one of my posts: “all the old ladies at my work, residents and employees, wanna jump my bones. lookin cute, feelin cute.” one star rating hater! get a sense of humor!