I hate when people hire English voice actors!


This proves why all English voice actors are awful:


Video games like Chaos Wars, Tales, FF series, Mega Man X, Xenoblade, SSF4, UMvC3, MapleStory, and every other games have terrible English VAs.

Cartoons like Phineas and Ferb, Fairy Tail, Looney Tunes, and Adventure Time have awful English VAs as well. I haven’t seen any good cartoon or game with good English voices.

Please America! Bring Japanese voice actors for every cartoons! Whoever hired English VAs is an idiot! Japanese > English as always!

The effects of Anime on the world at large: Meet Venus

I hate it when people post fucking stupid shit on srk


This is not a stupid post. This is a tip on why hiring Japanese voice actors are the best thing to do.





Ladies and Gents:

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WTF, I am not a Weeaboo! Every video game has best Japanese voice actors, like Tales and Final Fantasy series. Whoever said English voice actors are the best is a stupid moron.


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Ha jokes on you.
I don’t play rpg’s!

Seriously this is america!


Vergil is a power ranger.
So argument is invalid.


sounds pretty stupid, why not post something that matters like making killing people who like at child porn legal


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This is way too obvious. :tdown:


Is there any game or cartoon that has good English voice actors? I’VE SEEN NONE AT ALL!

All English voice actors need to die in a fire!


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Hoooowwwwwllll do I get back to Tokyo?



I like being able to understand what the characters are saying.


I approve this thread.

Fuck English.

I’m gonna fake speaking in Japanese from now on because that is the one true fantasy medium language.

Aterhays Onnagay Atehay!


Nah theres no such thing.

Hell dude, does it matter nowadays. Would you rather understand what they’re saying? Or would you rather spend lots of time learning Japanese just to hear the voice acting of a game you’ll prolly never play again after you beat it.


LOL wtf is this shit?


i would rather go back to the days with terrible english dubs that seemed like the VAs were getting paid 24 cents an hour, or some random Japanese person speaking Engrish.