I Hate White Trash

Seriously, I fucking hate em. Sorry for making a thread about this, but sweet baby Jesus I fucking HATE white trash. I hate people who are fucking drunk by 9am. I hate people who haven’t worked for over a year but complain about ‘the system’. I hate people with zero education who try to tell me how to fix the worlds problems (global warming??? JUST BUILD MORE ICEBERGS!!!1!).

People who live at home 24/7 fucking whine about everything, because their life sucks aids infested monkey scrotum.

I have a drunk 40 year old jobless white trash punching bag of a whore woman knocking on my door, bitching about how I put egg shells into my tin can in my recycling bin, THAT SHE WENT THROUGH.

I fucking hate white trash.

why did you put egg shells into your tin can?

they are not recyclable

Personally, I like white trash. Makes me feel less slovenly.

all food is recyclable. or at least compost-able
man if i am cooking, and using a ton of shit, i just toss em into some cans, and all my recyclables (bacon wrapper, egg carton, etc) into the recycling bin at the same time. Fuck putting like 2 egg shells into a fucking separate garbage if its all getting thrown out.

fuck white trash. They steal my fight…i mean tax monies.

and seriously, why isn’t canadian welfare system done with debit? why are we giving welfare bums half a grand a month to buy WHATEVER THEY WANT??? Monitor that shit. No more buying smokes, or booze, or drugs, with government assistance. Gov’t should monitor that shit and be like “oh, u spent 40 on smokes last month?? I guess u need 40 dollars less money THIS month” then they will go out and get a fucking job to support there trashy ways.

Or just go into a store and get shot down. “Sorry, we dont except your bum card here at this store…no smokes for you”

And I thought Scarborough was grimey. Peeps going through your garbage, are you serious?

that’s not just white people…

man, have you BEEN to Hamilton??? WTF does this city have to offer, besides mass pollution, and all our sister cities in the USA are fucked (hi there Flint, Michigan!)

White trash is an amalgamation of all racial stereotypes put together, except it isn’t stereotyping its the truth.

You have the stereotypical jewish cheapness, black laziness, latin rage, and middle east smell (none of those are true btw), except its all rolled into one pathetically useless package (like the box a Segway comes in). Seriously, look at all the horrible shit in the States. Racial groups (KKK, skinheads, rednecks) are all white trash. Government is white trash that inherited money. It’s like they just saw there own flaws, and tried to pass the buck.

happen to me back when I lived in St. Joe Missour-rah.

talkn’ ‘bout, "we savin’ the earth".

your two homeless, middle-aged white men are going through my garbage.

how in the hell is that helping the earth? once you redeem the cans that you took out of my trash can all you gonna do is buy some keystone light for like $5.

that’s like a 24 pack of 16 ounce cans. In Omaha, we call Keystone Light Bum-Water for a reason…

Please delete this thread. You got your rant out, no more good can come from this thread. I too have a bunch of old Asian people who go through my garbage and they take stuff out of the bags and make a mess but it’s not worth making a thread. Hit up the lounge for random shit.

…erm, sounds racist to me >_<

i’m white, if it matters.

how is this legal???

I am actually ok with cops going through it (whatever solves a case or proves somebody is innocent, is OK with me), but REGULAR PEOPLE? That’s just plain fucking creepy. Why not just ask me to not flush, and rip apart my shit pieces so you can take wild guesses at what I ate in the last day or so???

Mad respect to TC. He said he wasn’t being racist, so chill out. After all, he is only talking about the real trash in the world.

Man you think that is bad? I lived downtown for a couple of months last year right near the corner of Queen and Aberdeen. Every Sunday night at around 11 to 12 I would hear the rattling of cans and bottles. When I looked out once I saw a homeless guy with a big shopping cart going around grabbing empty wine bottles and cans from recycle bins. It’s more common than you think. Sure, you might not see things like that in Ancaster, but Hamilton’s downtown core went to hell a long time ago. Needless to say, I don’t see things getting better with the way things are going now.

Whatever. It’s not worth calling the cops and if I would call the cops they would probably just shoot up a bunch of innocent people then leave me with the bill for the damage they caused.

I wish I was joking but I’m not.

lol Javid, you lived downtown and the worst you had to deal with is that? LOL. I lived near Victoria and Barton when I first moved out on my own. I couldn’t have female friends come over because people would try to pay them for sex cuz it’s hooker central (which is now also Concession…the little bit of downtown that snuck up the mountain).

Sunday I went to visit my buddy a block from Hess Village, and we went to go to the corner store for smokes, and there was a homeless HIDEOUS hooker sitting on the front steps. I turn my head as I turn around the corner, and see her, with her arm buried to like her elbow down her throat, with puke engulfing her arm like the fucking Blob (make a new blob movie please). Then she looks at us and asks for a couple bucks. WTF?!?!?! Since when did bums become expensive?

Downtown should be fucking leveled and then we can start over. Bye bye 500000 pawn shops and derelict buildings. Wentworth to Bay shouldn’t exist.

White trash can rap on just about any beat, Bubba Sparxxx is underrated


Does Eminem count as white trash? I always hated him since I met him once

I get a lot of white trash folk at work. Almost all of them are unkempt, wreak of cigarettes and other foul odors, and are extremely rude to me and all of my co-workers.

It isn’t being racist. It indeed is pure truth that these type of people exist, and they go out of their way to be a generally disgusting part of society. Sadly, I have to deal with them on a daily basis, and whenever I have to deal with one, I want to puke afterwords.

Yeah thank god I didn’t have to live in the downtown core. This place was right at the base of the Mountain, so it wasn’t too bad. If you want a good idea of the makeup of the downtown core, just take the Barton bus from King & James all the way to Eastgate square. One of the worst bus rides you can ever take in Hamilton.:wasted:

Go to a walmart, you will see them in herds. I’ve seen fat ass chicks (who always seem to have some sort of tattoo on their fat droopy tit) waddling around in spandex or very skimpy tops and tiny shorts, walking around drinking fucking half & half straight from the carton.

I will be completely honest…I have never seen a single non-white person on one of those fucking meat wagons.

I feel so horribly, terribly, irreparably, soul-crushingly, sorry for the rest of the world for having to put up with them.


LMFAO I took that bus every day for work this summer lol. Worse yet, I took that bus today, and some fucker stole my fucking metatarsal workboots (fucking $200 steel toed boots). Everything north of Gore Park, from east to west, is frightening.

Also, the area between Upper James and Mohawk College, cops will tell you to move the fuck out. They come there daily. Mixing college students with poor white trash who can’t afford non-student housing, is a fucking horrible stupid mistake. I feel bad for the people that actually live there.

Also, there is a dude who kills pigeons and leaves the wings and bodies lying around. Cops dont really seem to care that much (I’ve seen dudes selling pot at the corner of King & James in front of Jackson Square, out of a backpack, to people on bikes/motorcycles/cars).

Mind you, I have also sold my family doctor pot lol.