I Hate Women


seriously fuck women. Just dumped my girlfriend, and i fucking gotta say, fuck women. Seriosuly. What the fuck. Why the fuck do i spend so much money on you just to get fucked in the ass like a high school beauty queen runner up?

fuck every last bitch on this planet. At what point in time did women get the leg up on us guys? seriously, this shit starts here. I dont care what has to happen, but we have to stop being bottom dog. Fuck women, seriously. Fuck them. I FUCKING HATE BITCHES


so do you like guys, now?


next time don’t trick on a female. you’ll be ok.


i should have added a no homo, but seriously, fuck women
for now, not turning gay, but fuck women. Not in the fun sloppy way, but fuck women

thats it…i’m having an anger poop


If you hate her so much, then show it by posting pics of her. Also PM me the nude ones so I can lash out at her with you. I feel your rage.


At the point when men realized that vagina feels incredible. This is when men decided to bend themselves out of shape in order to be the man that their woman wants them to be (instead of finding a woman who likes them for who they are) in order to be allowed to have sex.



I’ll lash out on her picture with my jungle juice if she’s hot.


Post pics of said girl so we can determine if she is worth the angst.


what he said.




Sounds like you let yourself get played.

You have no one to blame but yourself, dude. Sucks.


pics will come eventually, allow me to not want to explode to death at the moment, and I will post a better story (in retrospect) than a hastily composed and copy pasta’d MSN implosion

gimme an image hosting site, btw…mainly cuz 1) im furious 2) fuck the enter key 3) i forgot which one i used to post pics last time…

edit ps what the fuck ever:

at what point in time do murderous thoughts become something to worry about?

I’m duct taping knives to hockey sticks…is that too far???


Why are you upset? You’re just going to let your feelings take over like before and get another girlfriend. And when you break up with that one, get another, and another.

You’re all “fuck women”. What are you going to do? Stop yourself from feeling lust/attraction towards them? You’re just going to get another one.

You could just use them as nothing but sexual objects which is completely acceptable by society. Not like anyone is going to stop you.


awesome she texted me: 'i am sorry’
i said ‘i know’

i’ve haven’t wanted somebody to go to Hell in a long time. A VERY VERY long time. I feel really dirty now. I still think my "i know’ was the best thing to do


It’s been a while since we had one of these threads around. I guess I’ll see where this one goes.

…Anybody got some poison for me? Please?



I’m starting to think that closing GD isn’t such a bad idea.

Mods close this livejournal tomfuckery.

Are all Canucks like this?


So. He. Wept.

Write a poem and get over it.


Well damn someone’s angry.


Nice. This is the kind of bitterness and hatred I like to see. They are the source of so many goddamn miserable, agonizing and disappointing situations in life. There is exactly 1 upside to their very existence in this world. The good thing to look forward to is that one day everything will be dead, and none of this shit going on now will matter.


^You just ruined my night. ;_;