I Hate Yang

Mother f*ckin dive kickin, mantis punching, command grabbing twin!!!:annoy: Last night the only dude at the arcade was a solid yang player. played a short set and dude beat me 6-2. god dang. i noticed in all the games that i played against yang, its a really good chance that either him or me is gonna beast and own the other, its either gouks or yang. so in the games i won, i noticed that i was the aggressor and abused andything that could stun him. like an axe-kick, or a f+mp. but as of yet, i dont think anyone really has a solid strategy against yang. those cr kicks into mantis punches are a bitch.:arazz:
but yeah, anyone got any advice?


Yang is fairly difficult to be juggled and can punish akuma bad so I don’t play super aggressive against him. I generally try to get a knockdown then abuse c.mk > mk/hk hurricane or f.mp. Just be careful cause almost all of akumas whiffed moves can be punished with c.lp > mantis

aw christ, i forgot about that thread pherai.
good lookin out yo.