I hate you guys

literally every cap plays my shell now.

So now we’re going to have to start calling it the otter shell?

It is a bummer that others get credit, but it’s more the fact that I may as well play a good character if I’m doing the same stuff as others regardless. It was fun when everyone else was doing drones+cartwheel and I had my own thing going.

what is your shell anyway? cap/doom?

cap/vergil. yeah it was destined to happen im just satly.

It gives Cap the most damage in his combos. I don’t think Imma play it but its good.

Looool. One, or both of Vergil and Doom are pretty much getting partnered up with every character anyway. It’s just become more common now

well in all fairness it wasn’t like we boarded the otter bandwagon. Tech was found and explained through many different sources. I picked him up simply after confirming all available assists to make CS H safe.