I have 1,000 YEN on the Japanese PSN. Any recommendations for some JP-only fighters?

I’ve bought Dark Awake, Mark of the Wolves and KOF Maximum Impact 2. I already have Rival Schools and Bushido Blade 2 on disc.

I’m interested in stuff you can’t and won’t be able to get on US PSN, but no bad ports please. I was considering KOF 98 UM, but I’m not sure I’ll ever choose to play it over KOF 13 or Garou. I really like the weird, novelty stuff. Right now my top-runner is Slap Happy Rhythm Busters, but that will still leave me with 383 YEN, which is pretty much a waste. Oh, and nothing like Dead or Alive PSX. With UDOA5 and DOA2 HC I have zero reason to boot that up more than once.

I’d love to hear some opinions, either about the games I mentioned or some I haven’t. Thanks!

This didn’t need it’s own thread. Expect it to get close down. That said I personally recommend saving your points to expand your option on future purchase. If not than I say try psn Asuka 120 final. It’s like playing a early vs game. ( think xmen children of the atom with all female cast) it has majority of vs mechanics outside tag related mechanics and with some other stuff like air recover, custom combo.

KOF98UM or vanilla 98 is worth trying even if you got KOF13. Different roster, different systems.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind