I have 3 MvC3 Questions, and I'm looking for 3 answers :)

Ok, So I am new the MvC3. I bought it a few weeks ago and I think I am adjusting pretty quickly. Well here is my first question.

  1. I have a friend who uses the hulk and he seems to send me up in the air pretty easily. I know that I need to block and punish him with my A1 and A2 characters. But what are the easiest ways to get out of an air combo? The only thing I do now is press Special and Forward towards his character and it works like 1-10 times.

  2. I know that you can cancel in this game. I am familiar with cancels in other games but not in this one. The only way I know how to cancel in MvC3 is to use my X Factor and I would like to know the easiest ways to cancel “I’m a noob, say it in a way I can understand”

  3. I bought a TE-S stick and I am definitely falling in love with it. I used to play on the 360 controller and it was very easy for me to Special someone into the air and follow them up in the air to finish the combo, but with the fightstick I find it nearly impossible to jump up diagonally at them to finish off the combo. Is there any way to check the calibration of your stick to see if the Directions are angled correctly??

Ok, So I so I actually had 4 questions. Just thought of the 4th one, I’m sorry :confused:

  1. So I was kinda having trouble with the 8-button layout on my Te-S stick. To many buttons for me. I am getting some custom artwork done for my Stick and I would really like to go with a 6 button setup and I will add the 7th and 8th button to the right hand side of the pad so i can use them to navigate menu’s etc. Will I be able to play all the fight games out with only 6 buttons? and what do I set my buttons to…going in a ClockWise motion from top left. "Light,Medium,Heavy,Assist2,Assist1,Special?

If anyone wants to get some practice in on XBL hit me up…my GT is xCheckYoSelfx

Thanks again,



Just take out LB and LT and you should be fine for other fighters.

#1: your best bet is to make sure you block and try to time your advanced guard. if you don’t block, you’re due for an air combo. another thing with hulk is his forward+heavy (i believe) has hyper armor soo if you happen to attack him during his forward+heavy, he’ll continue with his attack. also, with trying to counter his aerial combos, if he’s bouncing you off the sides, you should be pressing left/right with the launch button at the right time. if you notice him boucing you off the ground, then the down motion with launch might be a better prediction.

What??? so do I press forward plus special at the same time? or should I be pressing forward and special as fast as I can? and when would I hit down plus special? like do I wait for him to hit me or do I hit it after/before? please put it in a way that even Simple Jack could understand it. When I get knocked up into the air should I just spin my joystick and press special as fast as i can?

#3 - I was the same way in vanilla SF4 when I switched from a pad to a stick, it took me a long time just to be able to do simple fireballs without ever messing up. Its one of those things where when switching you get worse for a long time, but in the end the stick is better for you and you can do things with the stick you can’t do with the pad. Just go into training and keep doing fireballs until you can say do 10 in a row without messing up. Then the next time you practice go for 20 and so on.(I only used fireballs as an example but I’m sure you get the idea to also do this with other stick motions).

I have a question for you, I am assuming you just recently bought your TE-S stick, where did you buy it, or did you buy it on like amazon/ebay for like 300 dollars? Cause I cannot find them any where, I though they were sold out.

Hey Korith, Thanks for the reply. I tear up all movements on my fightstick EXCEPT being able to jump up after someone when I special them. I almost think it may be a timing issue on my part.

AND… I bought my fightstick like 3 weeks ago on craigslist for $100. I am pretty sure it was barely used. I’m still replacing all the buttons and stuff on it just because I mod everything I get my hands on. I will probably build my next stick from scratch. I have a friend who is selling a lightly used TE stick for $75. Its for the PS3. let me know if you are interested.

Send me a FR on Xbox Live, we should get a few games in today.

Request sent, I am hardly ever on lately though. I am so busy with work and school (At work right now doing homework…and SRK of course haha). But hopefully we can get some matches in, would be cool. As for the stick, I only play on Xbox so I don’t think it would be of much use to me ha-ha.

lol, sounds good man. I’m in the same boat, school and work OWN me :confused: I only play on xbox too. Not much of a ps3 guy.

Someone PLEASE?!?!?!

Ok if he is trying to do an air exchange ie switching from 1 char to another pressing s and the same direction as they are trying to exchange it will break the combo. If he’s not doing an exchange ie a 1 char combo your stuck nothing you can do.

Only certin stuff can be canceled. Most commonly a hyper from special or normal. To do this just do the hyper during the animation of the cancelable move ie hulks stand h then qcb and aa. Xfactor cancels allow you to cancel stuff that normally can’t be canceled ie a hyper into another hyper.

It’s actually his neutral heavy, and most Hulk players will spam that until you get wise to it. If you see it coming, don’t react right away, it has hyper armor so you can’t catch him on it. Just wait until he’s in his recovery frames and blow him up. I mained Hulk for the first few weeks, until people catch on that they need to approach him cautiously or not at all, it works wonders.

As for the aerial exchange combos, most players will start to rely on one direction, and if you can alternate your stick between that direction and it’s opposite you can usually break out of it. Doing this you can usually change a 25% chance of getting it right to a 50% chance. Once they start changing it up (which they inevitably will) you’ll have to play the guessing game again.