I have $65, help me hunt for a stick!

I found this, I was reading the top page posts on sticks and read about the square gate. I’m used to an xbox dpad so will this work or is it a waste of cash? I’m on my tablet so I for some reason cant paste the link but it’s the WWE Allstars Brawl Stick. Oh and I only play SSF4.

honestly you should run someone less advanced like ryu if youre starting off just so when you DO go back to oni his game play wont be so foreign to you also you wont find a good arcade stick for anything less then 100 bucks but its all a personal decision if you want to move on to arcade stick. i personally got one because its customizable and im far more comfortable using it but just dont feel pressured to use an arcade stick just because most of the people do

Damn you guys are fast, is upgrading parts necessarry for the brawl stick? I don’t know anything about installing electronics.

I know the basics but not combos, I don’t buttom mash but I’m not that good tbh. Tomorrow I’m setting out to learn at least one combo and Oni’s target combos. I found the WWE brawlstick for 20 on of the persons above me was talking about. Seems alright, what are it’s drawbacks?

just take it slow before you go into combos just learn the fundamentals and ryus the best charecter for that and the brawl stick is a great starter stick but its small and pretty light when compared to the more standard models like the TE, VS, and Pro but other then that i havent found an issue with it

Clone parts. The entire stick’s design and internals are great but the parts like the stick lever and push buttons aren’t the best. The difference between the SE/Brawlsticks to the higher end Mad Catz stick is that it has less parts for it’s case and it’s smaller in size/dimensions. I believe the main PCB is near identical and swapping parts are easy. Just get your parts, unscrew the bottom metal panel, pull the cables off and swap the parts and now you got a stick that works the same as a $100+ stick.

From what I’ve heard from friends, the Brawl Stick has better quality clone parts which probably makes it less painful to play on but ever since I got my first SE stick years ago in 2010, I swap all the parts out whenever I get entry level sticks.

Now that you’ve been updated on the $20 Mad Catz Brawl Stick, you should check out the stickies in this section, you’ll find specific specs and details about it:

Alright I placed an order for the brawl stick figuring it’s not going to be that cheap
anywhere and for not much longer. I have 35 bucks left, should I go to amazon to look for buttons and a new stick? What exactly in terms am I looking for? Syn what parts do you suggest I put into my fight stick?

Don’t worry about parts just now. Play with the stick for at least a few days after it gets there before you decide if you want to stick with it or not.

I can’t remember what the rules are to use the trading section here(not sure if you need specific amounts of posts to post while looking to buy is open) but I would either check out the trading section in the forums for great deals and if no luck, try popular shops like Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade Shop and other online specialty shops.

Generally, the consensus is Sanwa parts:
1 Sanwa JLF stick lever(can’t remember the full code, someone will enlighten us)
6 Sanwa OBSF 30mm push buttons
I’m assuming that you’re strapped for cash so don’t bother buying the 2 extra buttons because almost no one uses 3 Punches and 3 Kicks on stick and even if you get into other fighters, 99% of fighters mainly only use the first 6 buttons.

It depends on your situation for parts, my SE stick had really bad micro switches, I couldn’t block low unless I jammed down in the direction a couple of times. If I didn’t get replacement parts for it, it probably would have turned me away from using a stick…also some of my buttons died within a couple of hours of play…

Probably a good idea, I’m pretty excited tbh. You guys are actually really helpful, I expected a whole lot of flame.

Thanks for all your help guys, I’m heading to bed hella tired. I’ll hold off on buying a new joystick and buttons until I get better at the game and need them. I really wanted a fightstick and hell, for $30 I think I did alright.

Here at the FGC we love our fellow player! :D! lol but in all seriousness you wont find too much hostility in these parts unless you warrent it of course

My WWE stick worked fine for the two months I had the stock parts. The only thing that bugged me was that the joystick was kinda wonky at times, so i would prioritize a new stick over buttons.

This. You can probably live with the buttons for a little bit. I have two brawlsticks side by side and the one I used more had a much looser stick. As for what sticks you can use, click on that thread syn13 linked you and also the info thread to look up some stuff. The stock buttons, I honestly love how loud they are. Haha

A reminder to those buying a Brawlstick off of gameshark/madcatz - you can also buy the JLF on their site for $20, which is a fair price and the shipping wont cost you any more either. If you have time to changer your order you might want to consider that.

Thanks for the reminder on this, I COMPLETELY forgot about that. I just made an order for a Brawlstick for a friend yesterday, and managed to cancel and re-order the thing along with a JLF this morning before the order’s been processed.

Stick’s on the way, now I’m browsing for art to put on it, I sent a request for someone out there to use my avatar image(the full image), put it on a template, and upload it as a .pdf. If someone hooks me up I’ll run out to kinkos and get it as a sticker and slap that baby on my fight stick.

http://www.gimp.org/ is a free photoshop alternative if you wanna do it yourself.

I have a feeling theres people here that could do it a LOT better than I could haha. Thanks though!

Wish I would have seen this… Considering I have an EX I would have sold you for like $15 shipped… :-/ Oh well.