I have a 2 king bed room at Clarion hotel, 20 bucks and you can stay!


So I was able to book a 2 king size bed room, with a couch at the Clarion hotel, Thursday through Monday for the price of a single queen thanks to some travelocity hokum.

I’ve been wanting to go to EVO for years and I’m finally doing it, been so close before. So I know how it is. If I can help you guys out thats fine.

20 bucks a night is enough to feed me, and I just want some cool peeps to chill with.

If your interested PM me or hit me up on GameFaqs. I rock board 208, the fighting game board.

I just made this account to spread the word, but if you need to make sure I’m a real person, just head to Gamefaqs, I’m level 36, been there since 2002.

Hope to get some responses…also I live in San Francisco, I’d be interested in a carpool.


whats the rules on bringing prostitutes back to the room?


Pass em round :wink:


Still available