I Have a Bone to pick with Speed 1


I took a break from GGPO, and when i come back everyone is picking speed 1.
Even people that used to love speed 3.
I personally like speed 2.
Someone told me that speed 1 is closer to Arcade ST.
But What should i care if I’m never going to an arcade to play it?
What should **they **care if they are never going to a tourney with ST cabs?

Did i miss something at SBR or NCR?
Was there some kind of meeting of top rank players, and now everyone else below wants to d*ckeat their belief that speed 1 is the norm?

Shit is too slow.
Mars told me that the Japs use it in tournies, but all the videos I’ve seen has really fast gameplay.

Anyone else noticing this BS?


LOL. Oh man I wish my psychic DP works the same offline as I did on ggpo :stuck_out_tongue:

And all those online rogs are not gonna be pleased to learn that their dash punches are not as gdlk as they thought.


GGPO Turbo 1 feels closer to JP T3 (same as US T2) than the other speeds. And even then, it still feels too fast to me, at least in terms of executing links. Maybe T0 would be more accurate.

Anyway, perhaps you haven’t checked the tourney scene lately but the fact is that all US ST tourneys are JP T3 / US T2 nowadays. It was basically a collaborative agreement around Evo this year to stop with the speed confusion through all the regions and ports, as well as to have a universal standard with Japan.

SF2 in east coast tourneys have nearly all been on arcade or supergun ST since then. Meanwhile, we spread that standard around GGPO. So if you ever plan to play offline, GGPO T1 would better prepare you for offline than an inaccurately fast speed. Plus, it gives you more time to respond, which mimics offline better. And ultimately, the goal of GGPO should be to provide players with the skills to compete offline.

Personally, I prefer the more methodical play even though claw as a character would likely perform better on faster speeds.


i own cabs with a JPN GMC, and US ST boards. the emulated versions all feel faster than their CPS2 counterparts. online play makes it even worse. i would even go as far as to say that speed 1 on ggpo is still faster than US 3. with characters like chun, O.Sagat(fast fireballs) vega and rog whos game play involves speed, i think its an unfair advantage. the game wasnt meant to be played THAT fast. hell, Street fighter 2 wasnt meant to be played that fast but the fans were unhappy with vanilla “super” going back to the original speed. i agree super was too slow and think JPN3 is the perfect setting.

id also like to point out that most people think SF2 hyper fightings speed is the fastest of all, and is relelntless. i also own that CPS1 board, and i have never played a console port or emulated version that isnt way faster than the actual arcade version. except the SNES version with 3 stars. thats right on the money.

ive only been on ggpo for a few months but i have always preferred speed 1.


It’s online AND emulated. So you’re dealing with lag and inconsistent (usually erring on the side of being too fast) emulation. Little wonder that Speed 1 is preferred on GGPO to minimize this. Some even choose Speed 0 via the test menu.


Because anything faster than speed 1 is retarded on ggpo.


Well i’ve been on GGPO since 2008, and there’s never been a problem with it.
Make the game too slow and it will be like SF4.

My point is that when i watch Jap tourney vids, the games look fast as hell…
And they ARE using speed 2. I prefer it that way.
All of you are TRYING to be like Japs, and follow their lead…but you gotta realize that they are playing OFFLINE!
Of course its gonna be different.


Speed 1 feels too slow for me on GGPO. Has anyone actually tested it?


Speed 2 is better but I can play Speed 1 too.


Since we’re talking about Turbo Speed:

I own a ST cabinet (US Version) and I put it on Turbo 2 now. I use to always play it on Turbo 3 but since that article about SBO on how everyone in Japan plays it at Japan Turbo 3/US Turbo 2, I slowed it down and put it on Turbo 2.

In the Super Turbo arcade manual it say that Turbo 2 is “approximately the same speed as Hyper Fighting” while Turbo 3 is “faster then Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting”.

Personally I always found Hyper Fighting as fast or even faster then ST Turbo 3. Hyper Fighting seems so fast. That’s why I always liked playing American Super Turbo on Turbo 3.


The Japanese tourney standard is Fixed speed 3, which compared to GGPO speed 1 is actually slower like Ganelon said. GGPO speed Zero is prolly the correct speed to match the arcade standard. If you play a lot of GGPO like I do then switch to Arcade CPS2 you’ll miss all you link combos and realize GGPO is way to fast. If you don’t play any offline tourneys then I guess you won’t care. But, for us that do you will notice we only pic GGPO T1/T0. I have personally test them side by side and I definitely have to slow down my links on Japanese CPS2 T3 compared to GGPO T1.

Damdai: I would imagine your sense of speed on ST is pretty good, so I can’t explain how you would think T1 is too slow. I have to agree with Ganelon. I’ll try to make a speed test video side by side to verify this.


Absolutely. The game just plays a lot smoother on speed 0. The higher the speed, the worse the frameskipping. At speed 0 it’s much, much easier to walk up and block a fireball, for example, and link combos are so much more consistent. Gameplay is more methodical and textbook-like as Ganelon mentioned.


Speed is an issue even on the same setting. I like slower speeds, but even then I feel weird playing in Honda stage after a bunch of matches in Sim’s, Chun’s and Gief’s stages. And the standard GGPO save-state seems to love the last two ones.

HF is just fine, to me, and the original version is not that fast as people think nowadays. It does have an issue with a bunch of emulators, most of them, in fact, and one needs to adjust the emulated processor clock or the like in order to get the right speed.* It is stupid online and everything the game is about is lost. You will block 70 fireballs each match that could be SRK’ed/tatsu’ed through or even straight up jumped, for example.

I believe the issue with combos is that people rely on visual and sound hints a lot more than they think. At least to me, stuff like rush punch into whatever and air fierce-fierce-hadouken is much harder online, not to mention it changes depending on the latency between me and the other player.


I actually find it disappointing that the actual arcade speeds are slower (I haven’t played on a real SF2 machine/ST machine since it was new), since I like that fast gameplay, makes things intense and hand-eye coordination and reaction time have to be top notch (i’m a huge fan of Quake, so those definitely come into play there). Overall, humans adapt, and once you play a certain speed after a little bit, you get used to it and it becomes no problem. I started picking speed1 because it only seemed to make sense if that is what tourney players were going to start picking.

Ever try Hyper Fighting on MAME117 Plus? It runs so ridiculously fast, it is hilarious/awesome.


while japan’s tournament standard is fixed turbo 3, you’ll often see casuals played on jpn t2 and even t1. feel bad for players like nuki and kusumondo coming over and fighting o.sagat’s on usa t3 (and on console) :confused:

because people tend to play ggpo far more often than arcade i always get people at my gatherings saying the game is too slow :shake:


I believe DV or V have said somewhere here or at the HDR section that HF was the first game which took players away from the game. He noticed (and felt) it due to design and the price increase around his area. Well, around here I did notice the following division, excluding players who are fine with playing at any speed:
[]HF and any game with similar speed is “too fast.” They fealt really unconfortable having less time to think about their actions;
]The faster, the better. But maybe 10 star SNES HF. Speed 2 is too slow, even Honda stage speed 3 is too slow. And CE is unacceptable.


I only play arcade board in my house lol.

I had Super Turbo in my arcade cabinet but it died. I got to get it Phoenixed. So in the mean time I have Hyper Fighting in. I think HF and ST American Speed 2 are the same. It’s just that for some reason Hyper Fighting characters feel so clean compared to ST characters. Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Blanka seem so perfect in HF. The execution feels clean.

ST is still great but when it comes to the original 8 characters, HF is the best? I’m conflicted because I love ST too.

Both are great but which is the definitive SF2: HF or ST?


Neither: Grand Master Challenge (Japanese version of ST) is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok why? I find this interesting. Enlighten me.

What is the difference between American ST and Japanese SSF2X? Besides the speed of course and that one arcade board is blue and one is green. Anything else that’s different?


gief neutal jump headbutt instant dizzy, no free play options. win quote in japanese and will teach you how to do a doken. that’s why the japanese level up faster than us. we need to figure that shit out ourselves.