I have a broken stick that i really like



I’ve had this Madcatz fighstick pro for awhile now. It works great and its very reliable but then i acquired this broken Round 2 TE stick for free. The only thing that is broken is the USB end of the wire.




I was wondering what the best course of action is to get this TE up and running. I don’t really care about the Pro stick very much so if a solution involves it, I am more than happy to consider it.


you can easily replace the usb cable. there should be guides online to do it. some require soldering. other methods just require that you cut the cable and attach a different usb one by matching up the colors inside the cable then wrapping it in electrical tape. id google how to fix usb cables online


You could buy a new usb cable and either splice the new one in to the existing one or solder it to the board.


Mainly regarding the aesthetics of the stick: Do you recommend to replace just the USB end or replace the whole USB cable?


Whole cable. I would go ahead and install a pass-through. Open the stick, cut it to about 1.5 ft or less (you just need it to reach the back side of the cable compartment, select button hole, side panel, or wherever you want to mount the pass-through), crimp and RJ-45 connector on the end, install the pass-through and plug the RJ-45 in to the back side. Then you can use RJ-45 to USB cables to connect to your game systems. This is the best solution because you don’t have to worry about stress on the cable going into the board as much. You don’t HAVE to do this but it’s for the best and a good learning experience.


replacing the cable entirely will generally give you a cleaner looking result, and also gives you the option of getting a cable that is a different color.


Too complicated for me haha. But i have seen the Neutrik connectors. Maybe a little too ambitious for me at the moment.


Thats understandable.


dude, you already love ur other stick, ill buy the round 2 off you…


If anything i would sell my fighstick pro to work on my TE haha.

Imma replace the entire USB cable and might as well get some custom artwork and buttons/Balltop. To focus attack!!! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you got it sorted out, OP.

For anyone reading this thread in the future I would agree with NENDO in recommending you install a passthrough. Neutrik makes panel mount USB A/B passthroughs which mount beautifully on plastic and metal cases such as these. No need to use RJ45 if all you are doing is connecting over USB anywho.

No intense soldering required (or any at all, depending on your solution). As you can see, a cable can be plugged in each end. Only the PCB will need to be soldered to in this case, and only 4 signals need be soldered.

Note: You can flip the connector (as you should) so the smaller, square USB B connector is facing outward. Focusattack is one of the best places to get these, as they include mounting hardware (bolts), whereas the manufacturer does not.


He probably doesn’t even need to desolder the original USB cable. I would try cutting it short and routing to the panel mount first.