I have a confession to make about AyiA Girl/Cat Girl TOP RANKED ON XBL

My name is ÅSBJÖRN AHLSTEDT I live in Sweden. I am the Ibuki in this video [media=youtube]pXiU9OBfLq4&feature=related]YouTube - Musashi (Ibuki) vs AyiA Girl (Juri) [SSFIV Ranked Match[/media] I have decided to confess this to SRk because it has been bothering me Ever Since Super came out. AyiA girl is nothing but a pathetic booster. I am being paid to let her win matches. Yes, she is paying me for this. She is also not 17. She is 20. She lives in a apartment in Stockholm I am her roomate. Xbox numbar one player is false.

Haha, ON BLAST!!

Although, I’m sure everyone knew he/she is a booster.

1.Cat girl being known as a booster is old news

2.If this is true,this is some sad shit

Seriously, on both counts.

oh boy here we go

Aww shit that bitch dun goofed.

Its not like this is new Info. But the part where you get paid to lose is fucking sad. If it is true…

you know what? I was gonna write a long post about you calling you stupid…but then i thought about it…

who cares? make dat money


I couldn’t ever imagine something like this being worth any money to me

But as long as she’s paying you keep taking the money

Also: any idea why this is so important to her?

i also have to say you played it wrong. you shouldve asked for more money or threaten to expose her. now that you exposed her already you have less of a bargaining chip.

but in the meantime, i dont really care for SSF4, so…how much was she paying you? i figure now that you outed her shell be looking for a new punching bag. oh and good luck living with her now! =D

EDIT: nvm its for xbox. poopy.


I only came into this thread because of the word “Cat girl”

“Her” ha that makes me laugh

No, not according to www.upplysning.se.

We got a confession! time to move in and make the arrest! she won’t get away with this. Seriously I’m going to be in uniform and kick her apartment door in…maybe toss some tear gas in there lol.

Lets see her boost her way out of jail.

Seriously I would like to know why being #1 is so important to her… was it like a childhood dream to be ranked #1 for ssf4 on xbox live or is there some other deep reason for it? someone should make a documentary… - confessions of a ssf4 booster- and have her talking about her life but she’d be all blacked out and they change her voice to keep her anonymous Lol.

bitches is mad petty, son


You have problems bro.

Cat Girl is a dude who lives in Ohio, this guy is a troll.

Ono said on his twitter that consequences will never be the same yo

seth killian said on his blog that she has been backtraced