I have a Dream ...



what if blanka could do this?

*crouching light kick - 3 frames start up, hit and block stun increased by +1

close standing medium punch can be done when pressing back (charge)
forward medium punch (rock crusher) becomes overhead, current overhead gets removed
crouching hard kick safe on block

electricity hitbox increased to combo into easier (we need to get something for blanka ball nerfs)
ex electricity ground hitbox increased, throw invincibility, good anti air

horizontal ball decreased recovery on hit and increased hit-stun for opponent to make it safe on hit
light and ex horizontal ball are safe on block. pushback is reduced to almost 0 so blanka is an better position to keep pressure up
medium horizontal ball retains current pushback (ssf4 console) on block, hard horizontal ball unsafe on block (ssf4 arcade)
light horizontal ball chip damage decreased
hard and ex horizontal ball chip damage increased

up ball does knock down on hit
ex up ball has armor break
up ball (ex or normal) can’t be thrown out by air grabs
light up ball safe on block

rainbow ball if crossed up bounces off forward (like it physically should)
ex rainbow ball invincibility frames increased after blanka does back flip into roll but doesn’t hit opponent in it’s invincibility frames
ex rainbow ball has armor break

all ex balls have throw invincibility on startup

all balls (hori, up, rainbow) incl. ex damage reduced to 100

blanka can’t punched out of the hop anymore

ultra 1 can now connect after focus crumble without dashing

ultra 2 get’s new command (charge back,forward,back, forward + 3x kicks or 3x punch or even better qcf + 3x punch/kicks)
ultra 2 anti air radius increased (can now punish jump ins, similar to ryu’s ultra 2)
ultra 2 ant air does 100 - 150 damage on the ground (you know all these sparks that shoot out from blanka) if opponent doesn’t block and knocks them down (they actually fly away). if blocked, it does minimal chip damage (similar to a blocked blanka ball)
ultra 2 ground attack does full damage (all 4 hits) after focus crumble
ultra 2 (both version) recovery decreased *

would that make blanka strong or overpowered? well, it sound pretty sweet nonetheless

what other things would you guys improve or reduce


If it’s like what u had dream, blanka will be promoted soon. Hehe
Especially the hop thing. If he is hit free from hop he will become king of vortex


I’m gonna send this in the post to Ono with a bullet and see how we fare when AE is released!


Haha! Imagine a god tier blanka! That would be epic =D


Give blanka genei jin lol one can only dream