I have a fatal attraction to the first two SFIII games, more so than 3s

I don’t know what it is that attracts me to those two games, more so than 3S. I feel different, and like an outcast that I like them more than 3rd strike. Yet at the same time I feel joyous to be different from a lot of other who prefer 3rd strike. I just feel that, the first two games feel more like what attracted me to SF in the first place. 3s is a good game now, but it feels totally different than what an SF game is to me. I played 2I a long time ago and I loved it. I always liked it more than 3s.

Then I played NG quite some time before the release of the CPS3 emu. Despite the bad reviews I have seen on NG. I enjoyed it a lot. Sure 3s has the gameplay and substance. But when I play 3s I feel I’m being robbed. It feels so slow and disabled. NG and 2I dont present that feeling to me. I feel free, like a winged animal flying on it’s own free will. From the music, to the backgrounds straight to the core…the gameplay. It feels as if everything is there.

I’m sure 3s has a big competitive scene and everything. I will never have anyone but maybe a few people actually willing to play the first two incarnations with me. When I do find 2I competition though, I have more fun than I do playing 3s. I guess thats what matters to me. 3s isn’t bad by any means. I just don’t find it appealing. To me NG/2I feels as if I walk out the house completely clothed. While 3s makes me feel as if I’m walking outside naked.

(BTW: If, Chun, Makoto, Q and Remy were in 2I. I’d never play 3s again…EVER :rofl::rofl:)

Oh it’s not the game that has those qualities. No siree bob.

… ok?


Seek professional help.

I actually lol’d at this.

But I’d rather not, I dont consider professional help being asked “how does that make you feel…” every 5 minutes.

ya good luck trying to find people to play with you.

Go back to GameFAQs.

Are you…?!

I have a fatal attraction to women. Oh wait, that’s normal.

I can kinda relate to that. I love 3S, but 2I feels so much more fun to me, despite the broken aspects it had.

I played SI with someone yesterday, game is bullshit. Mechanics and combo system are too loose, might as well play alpha 1.


Sean gets me going back to 2I.

2i was always more fun. 3s was more restricted, but better balanced, but still fails in that category IMO

Come to NYC, you can get comp for NG and 2I easily.


I like the overall presentation of 2I better; specifically the victory screens. Seeing the shot of the bloodied opponent adds a certain style to the game. It does feel more like an Alpha game than an SF3 game. that said, 3S rocks - Chun Li’s return and the tighter, more technical gameplay rock.

you know it seems sooooo common for people to like the first 2 games more graphically than third strike, locally I am the minority thinking 3s looks better.

I know NG had the crazy animated backgrounds and i think their amazing still to this day, But 2i? its like the same shit minus all the nice flashyness and in my honest opinion the whole presentation of the game is very ugly.

3s backgrounds may be drab compared but i think they are beautiful. i think chun li’s is one of the coolest fighter backgrounds ive ever seen when it comes to small details, same goes for ibuki’s

I honestly think most of us have been just playing 3s sooooo much more than any of the other games that the initial shock of the graphics is gone in 3s but still alive in NG and 2i

I do like the older games but I was spoiled by 3S since that was the first game I played seriously. Gotta have my multiple mixes inbetween rounds and rap theme playing during my character selection of Ibuki.

Sean’s NG stage + Yang’s 2ndI stage = ftw :tup:

What heterosexual man doesn’t? I know I used words that make me seem a bit “strange”. Now that I’m wide a wake. The words fatal attraction talking about game don’t belong. The winged animal thing was a lil fucked too. :looney:

But being different does get you those negative reactions. I was prepared for them. I even got a wonderful " GO KILL YOURSELF". I lol’d @ the ignorance (I don’t know who the fuck said that).

And no, graphics, animation don’t turn me on to the other games more. There are a some backgrounds I like in 3s. Sean (Oro you suck for removing the cargo ship), Ryu, Ken/Alex, Chun-Li (Chun probably has the best BG in the game bar-none), Ibuki (it’s calm and relaxing), Dudley, Makoto, Gouki.

Music also has a lot to do with it for me. 3s has GREAT music, some of the best music I heard in a street fighter game. NG/2I has even better music. Hell some edits are rape of classic NG/2I tunes. Yes I’m calling out Jazzy NYC 99. It’s not about graphics though. It’s about what each game provides to myself as a whole. Not to mention NG/2I have better sound effects when people are hit

NG/2I=Graphics+animation+BG’s+Music+Characters+Gameplay+Offensive System

3s=Graphics (I’d be blatantly lying if I said it had bad graphics)-animation+music+characters (4/5 were awesome additions)+Gameplay-Offensive system.

Interesting topic here, mainly because while I “like” 3s better overall out of all the SFIII series, there are certain aspects to 2i and NG that I do like in terms of presentation. I think Hideki Okugawa went an interesting route in the music produced in 2i compared to NG. Sean’s stage (Sao Paulo) by far is one of the best bgms from that game along with Ken’s stage. IMO I think that the background art in NG is a little better. Gameplay wise, they are “closer” to SF in some respects. Speaking of them competitively is another story. While I did like Ibuki rapedowns and seeing both Yun and Yang beginning to dominate, NG/2i are really too loose to have been competitively for a long time, hence the lack of longevity that 3s have and still currently has. Mainly I play NG and 2i for training mode hijinks rather than competitive play.

3s is just a much more refined game of the 3 (whacky pun >_<).