I have a fear of mortal kombat

im scared of mortal kombat does anyone else scared of it and how do i get rid of this fear
plz post.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Pics or you’re just a bored sad little fellow looking for friends

You are as you should be. The franchise is terrible.

Why would you want to play an ass game anyways?

its not that i want to but you see around 1995 my eldest bro had mk2/3/
he found out my fear and teased me all my life till he moved away and its not only that its the grafics and blood and gore i cant take it im having frequnt nightmares of liu kang using his dragon fatalaty to eat me alive and crap i have other dreams of being in the game that i cant bear to tell you because they are horrible. mk was the reson for most of my tears when i was little.

… does anyone else scared of it? … DOES ANYONE ELSE SCARED OF IT!? … I dont know havent played any since 4. :sweat:

This fool is 14.

This thread once again proves my point that individuals born in the 1990s are fucking worthless.

You are about to get me kicked out of class. :rofl:

My teacher just warned me,but I couldn’t help it :rofl:

i bet ya’ll dont have the balls to tell your fears

I bet you don’t have any balls.

I am semi-afraid of heights(Which is a pretty common fear)

I am also afraid of elevators because I was stuck inside of one for like 20 minutes all alone,and that was traumatic.

screw you



We do because most of our fears aren’t irrational.


Wait, don’t you post on the Capcom boards? That name is familiar. The stupidity in your posts is almost familiar to that message board.

grow up, maybe?

My biggest fear is that ignorant dumbasses are spreading faster and faster.