I have a few inquiries concerning the newly released Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. I hear the term “cancel” a lot. I know what it is, but haven’t seen or read any way of actually doing it. This is probably a really dumb question, but I’m dumb when it comes to fighting games that actually take time to learn.

  2. Also, could someone further explain “zoning” and “keepaway.” (What they are and to a lesser extent when they are useful.)

I would really appreciate any help, and I will now and forever be grateful!

Read the Guide of SRK. It’s in every page up top, has “Hot” next to it and it is really helpful.
I’m still learning so I’m not sure how to cancel myself.
Zoning is when you’re controlling space. You’re basically using someone like Magneto or Dormammu, you’re tricking your opponent into falling for traps from faraway, you keep him at bay, you can force him to move somewhere, etc… It’s when you are controlling the area and it is best to use against rushdown characters or heavy hitters (usually need to be close to you).

If I am wrong in some way, you’re welcome to correct me SRK.

EDIT: Grammar

Canceling is just doing a move in the middle of another move that interrupts whatever you are doing… like X factor canceling for example is using X-Factor in the middle of the Hyper Combo to cancel it so you can Hyper Combo again (given you have enough bars) catch your opponent in it a second time or do whatever else. You can also cancel normal and special moves into hypers by inputing the hyper combo command in the middle of the normal or special move animation.

Cool3stNERD pretty much explained canceling.

Keepaway is exactly like what it sounds, keeping your opponent away from you. Like running away and throwing a barrage of projectiles/assist.

Zoning is putting yourself at an advantage. For examples of zoning, check out this sweet article by Maj:

Thank you guys. I really appreciate it!