I have a few some what "noobish" questions

So I am going to be buying a Street Fighter IV Standard Edition stick, probably from Amazon because I can’t use the trade thing here and at Amazon I think I can get one for about 73 dollars new, which seems like a decent deal.

Anyways the whole point of me getting that stick is so I can mod it. All I want to do to it is put some custom art on it, replace the buttons with Seimistsu(sp) buttons, so I can put art inside them, and putting a bat top on it. I was hoping someone could tell me or link me a tutorial to how to do these things. I originally wanted to paint the case but it seems like a lot of work with taking all the boards out which is something I would rather avoid.

This is the art I will be using


I was wondering what colors you guys thought would go good with it?

And any other tips/advice etc are greatly welcome.

Also if there are tutorials on here I apologize for making this topic, I am a relativity new member and have a terrible time navigating the forums.

Also I currently have a Hori Ex 2 with a red Sanwa bat top (might put it on the SE if I decide on that color scheme) and I have a Sanwa octagon gate coming tomorrow that I was going to put on the hori but I might just save it for the SE. Unless I traded the Hori or something and someone wanted it on there.

Video on Modding it:


Article on changing the art:

Also, pick better art. Full Metal Alchemist makes you look like a total tool.

Thanks for the help man, but I’m going to keep the art, I have some ideas that will make it look really great, at least to me which is what really matters right? I realize a lot of people won’t like it.

I mean, I’ve seen a lot of custom sticks where I didn’t care for the art but I could still respect the work.

you can use the trading post, you just cant sell anything until you have 50 posts and have been here for 6 months.

Just to be nice…

First off, you really should post art related questions in the Image Mishmash subforum, as the guys in there are amazingly talented and quite a few of them are very generous.

As for modding the SE, there is a TON of information on the subject. You just need to actually “look” for it. Set your posts to 100 a page, and you’ll make things a lot easier.

Removal of Buttons and stuff:

Removal of stock art:

Put art under Buttons:

Link that Bebop129 posted actually has all those I linked.

I’m sorry, you seem like a cool guy. I just hate it when people put fagtastic art like naked Anime girls or horrible anime on their stick when in reality, it has nothing to do with anything.

Its your stick so you can do what you want but having some girl showing her boobs on your stick really doesn’t reflect highly on who you are (without getting to know you of course).

Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about. I find that kind of stuff very distasteful, I actually hate anime, its safe to say FMA is the only one I like so I try my hardest not to consider it an anime, but it is so I understand how I could have came off as one of “those” people. But nonetheless thanks for your help!

Well I just realized that I am in way over my head so I might as well just forget about all of this. Sorry to of bothered you guys but thanks for all the help anyways.

on topic: it’s really not that hard to mod this stick as it looks first. The SE is my first stick and today I got the parts to mod it it’s really easy.

other question:
can someone tell me if the SE Stick ist PS2 compatible?
Would be awesome^^


There is no PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 2 Converter.

Or do you mean if you can use the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick? on PS3 to play Backward Compatible PS2 game?
Which is no.

I’m not worry about the mod being difficult, I am worried about the art, it seems really difficult and is not an area I am specifically skilled in.

My question was if I can use the Madcatz SE Stick with the Playstation 2 because the ps2 has an usb-port.
But I don’t think that this will work.^^