I have a free Xbox 360 if someone wants it

Only catch is… its broken. I don’t really want it obviously… I got a newer one after this one Red Ringed.

I haven’t tried the towel trick yet, so someone might be able to revive it, or if they want to repair it for whatever that costs, there’s that too. It even comes with a power cable, some regular video cables, and I’ll throw in a 64MB memory card (sorry no controllers though). If you want the power cable and/or video cable… you have to take the 360 with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise I’ll just find some way to throw it away. Let me know if you want it, I’ll bring it to Zachs at some gathering and I can give it to you.

Do you by any chance have the box it came in and the reciept from when you bought it? Because I would gladly buy it from you in that case. Either way, I’m very interested.

you’re really about to give away that memory card that I gave you? not bomb jeff…not bomb.

I’ll take it.

Since you posted first Jamie, you can have it if you want it. But otherwise, I’ll gladly take it.

I never use it. Plus I’d consider it part of the 360 i bought from you.

And I believe I do have the original box and receipt down at my parents’ place. Dunno what good it’ll do you, since I already tried to switch ownership with it so I can get it repaired via warranty, but the warranty’s void (thanks to the Fred Meyer warranty… long story) so yeah.

I’ll get all the pieces together and bring it to zach’s next time and we can figure it out from there. I guess since Kuenai posted first he gets first dibs, but its yours if that doesnt go through Brent.

pm me ill take it

If those guys somehow don’t follow through, I’ll put myself in the queue for sloppy thirds.

I guess I be 4th in line then :lol: my cousin got his fix from a friend, same problem as yours (red ring)

Just as a heads up, I won’t be going to Zachs on the 18th (Dark Knight premiere bitches), so it’ll have to wait till after

In the event that everyone else that posted dies like this thread is The Ring - I got next ! ! :lol:

Yo Ill take it

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. That A.B.A. portrait looks like she’s about to commit suicide. So random…

but A.B.A. can’t die! :clap: I’m pretty sure she’s happy too - Paracelsus (the Key) is her husband. What a couple! :woot:


Yeah… I think wiz removed the clap emoticon just beause of Deus. They should replace it with the suicide emoticon from Dustloop, eh?

Jeff/Switchup: If you’re not going because of the Dark Knight premiere (I’m going at the midnight showing on thursday night/friday morning, so I’m free the rest of the day), then could I meet you before you head out/come back wherever you reside? Because although I could wait a month for something free, I’d love to pick it up sooner if I can.

Don’t see a problem with that… not sure what I’m up to Friday though schedule wise, I’ll let you know in a day or two. Turns out the receipt is MIA and the box is down at the parents’ though, so it’d be without that…

Well, the receipt doesn’t mean much if the warranty is already void to to Fred Meyer shenanigans, and you could always bring the box and stuff to zach’s another time, right? But if it’s easier to just do it the next time you go to Zach’s, that’s fine. So… I guess I’ll just wait til you know what’s up on friday.

Yeah sorry man, looks like its gonna have to wait till next time at zach’s.

I’ll be at Zachs this Friday, with the Xbox

If Jamie were to have an “accident”, I’ll take it off your hands.

The amount of low budgetness in this thread is appalling. Shit don’t even work and you got niggas asking for the receipt trying to pull a fast one on some fools.