I have a friend went to Korea

hi and sorry if this topic is on the wrong section

anyway my friend now on south Korea want to buy arcade stick but he is lost cause most of people dont talk english ,where can i find someone can help him translate korean language ,he went green arcade and no help no one talk english

also my friend send a message to Etokki but no response :frowning:

is Laugh in south Korea?

i need translator free or fee no problem

thank you waiting for reply

if its fee just tell how much cost in PM

and thank you

hope to find someone in this forum

please im on hurry im really really sorry if i bump my topic or break rule

but my friend will leave after 2 days :_(

Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours.

Maybe try here:

thanks for nothing

if you have something useful tell us if not no bother wasting time here

really appreciate your help thanks

Is this guy Iron Sheik?

Niggas got baited.