I have a fun Idea

I just thought of it now. It would be fun for all of us to draw ourselfs in Cartoon, Anime, chibi, or realism styles. Some fun little self portraits. Sounds fun huh? I know it. They can be colored or black and white. I know what some of you are saying, “Dude, this is so gay.” I thought of that myself but I honestly think this would be neat for all of us to do.

not a BAD idea…but

my friend did this a while ago, I cut my hair and shaved recently, but the piercing is right

done ages ago… but more or less still accurate.



ok heres me

its good to see some people participate.

i guess nobody wants to join in the fun:lol:

alright, I was bored. :o

Me with narrow eyes.


First time in this forum. Here is me!

Is it ok to have others in the shot…there’s a certain somebody I always seem to include for some strange reason…Deonysios… do you know who I might be refering to… lol!