I have a joystick question for the joystick experts in this forum

Hi there,

I was wondering if the joystick experts would like to make a comment on these two arcade joysticks :-

  1. Suzo Series 500 Universal STC Joystick

  2. The standard Sanwa Arcade Joystick like those found in the Matcatz Tornament Edition Sticks

For fighter type games - eg street fighter - which of these joysticks would you prefer and why ?

In down under land all the arcade cabinets use the suzo series 500 style joysticks … that was about 15 to 20 years ago … i am not sure about now …

In asia particularly singapore - most of the arcades uses the Sanwa standard joysticks …

Since these 2 joystick are very different from one another - perhaps would someone like to make a comment on which ones is better for fighter type games ?




Rogue Tardis

Preference, that’s all it is. Try one, you like it? Keep using it.

I have a question, do the happ stick make that clicking sound when you rotate it like sanwa sticks? I hate that clicking noise. . .

May I please ask where abouts are you from ?


It really just comes down to what you play best on. There is no “Best” stick imo. Sure, some may be technically built better but whatever. I love my TE stick. Solid as a rock.

I’m moving this over to the Saikyo boards because it’s more of a general question than a SF4 issue. If you have a specific hardware question about these sticks, check out our tech talk boards. They know their shit.

Japanese style balltops with square gates for life! Off course, growing up where I did, I’ve only played on them (JLFs and LS-32s) for over 15 years now.

Can someone please explain to me what is the meaning of 4 way or 8 way ???



Are there any differences technically between the Madcatz Revision 1 and Revision 2 tornament edition sticks ???

If you’re referring to a TE and a Round 2 TE, not that I’ve noticed. They both play the same for me.

"Of course, first impressions aren?t everything, so I went ahead and cracked open my original, launch day Tournament Edition while a friend brought his exclusive San Diego ComicCon TE over for inspection, and compared the two sticks to the Round 2. Unsurprisingly, there were no differences to the naked eye. "

I think Suzos are popular with tekken players in like Europe or something. I believe the 1p wavedashing is pretty good due to its short throw.

does this mean that there is also no differences between the R1 and R2 sticks as compared to the Super Street Fighter 4 Tornament Edition Sticks ???

all 3 looks exactly the same out side … wondering if the insides are the same too ???

I don’t think they would change the stick intenerally if they haven’t done it thus far. It works and it’s a good stick, they would be dumb to alter it now.

The TE S has improved and new featured PCB.