I have a legal copy of mvc2 running on nullDC, cant configure joystick

Im using an arcade stick for my computer games, works just fine with 2df, but im having trouble configuring it on nullDC, it wont even recognize it as a controller. Please help?

PS. its a vista if that means anything

on nullDC 1.0.3.

bump up my post

and you have the maple plugin configured?

silly me… no i do not.

btw its nullDC 1.0.3 updated in OP

You may have to use joy2key though. Does null support controllers?



joytokey doesnt recognize my arcade stick inputs. this is really confusing lol.

did you assign each button a letter/key on the keyboard?

Depends what PCB you have. As Joy2Key does not support ALL PCBS. get XPADDER instead.

How’s your copy of Mvc2 legal?

he would have to own it and have made a backup copy

No doubt, but In order to rip games that he already owns, he’d need extra hardware and software and I seriously doubt he’d invest that much of an effort if he can’t but fourth the effort to figure out how to make nullDC recognize his joystick.

I’m calling bullshit.

While I doubt he ripped the game himself I do believe in downloading the same version of game you own, for play in NullDC honestly how many of us that have a cab running NullDC did the rip ourselves.

Try using version 1.0.6 of NullDC. I couldn’t get my stick to cooperate with 1.0.3 either.

google xpadder is a simple has a nice gui and easy to work with :smiley:

With you on the bravo sierra.
Doubt he ripped it himself, too.

But, to dump a naomi rom isn’t that costly, or difficult, really.
you can dump one for just about 5 bucks and two hours if you have the equipment
and luck. (eeprom r/w’er, and the sop adapter are the only expensive crap)

I have jack shit to help this along, but I’m interested in the solution. It’ll be good to know sometime.

Would using another emulator be practical for you? “Demul” emulator might work out for you, it recognizes my PS3 TE.

i have the copy of the game for DC. its legal.

i will download google xpadder and tell you guys how it goes. until then, this serves as a bump.

baahhh everything works fine, except it wont recognize the LT and RT buttons on the hori fucking ex2. so no hard kick or assist 2 for me :frowning: its version 5.3 by the way. can someone help me with this?

fixed. Held LT and RT down before i set the triggers. thanks for all the help guys.