I have a lesson with Floe this coming Monday night... what should I ask?


So I have a 1hr lesson with Floe this Monday. What types of questions should I ask him to show me or teach me? I’m sure he probably has a formula of training you that last multiple sessions. I know I wanna ask about linking and cancelling moves. And I wanna ask what I should be practicing in the lab on a daily basis… anything else you can think of? Hit me up. Laterz!


if you’re going to get any value out of paying a top player for a lesson, it shouldn’t be when you are a total beginner imo. things as basic as linking and cancelling moves you can learn on your own.

if I were you I’d ask if I could bank the lesson for at least 6+ months down the line


Whatever man you post in a forum where you get that shit for free.


Not much point in paying a pro to learn beginner/intermediate level stuff…


I respect the hustle…


People actual charge to tutor people in fighting games??? I mean I get you are investing your time and what not. But these dude’s aren’t exactly teaching skills that’ll propel them towards a stable well paying career or business opertunity.


Some guy on Reddit actually got super defensive at me for trying to point this out. He said that due to the opportunity for huge prize money from SF, that it’s worth having paid tutors for.


I wouldn’t worry about what to ask him. Floe’s a very skilled player, so Just let him teach. Don’t listen to the a-holes telling you you’re wasting your money. Money was meant to be spent. You can decide for yourself if the lessons are worthwhile or not compared to just browsing the forums.


Thanks dude.


While I agree playing a top player will help you it will only help you if you know certain stuff. Otherwise, he is going to tell you the basics since you need those to even be playing smart enough for him to give you a lot of meaningful criticism.

  1. Where should I stand in X matchup, what is the ideal spacing I should be shooting for.
  2. I have an issue maintaining my space in X matchup or getting in against Y. What should I be looking for and how should I bait attempts to counter this.
  3. I have an issue with X how do I minimize its impact on the matchup.
  4. If you play a bit and notice something he did you didn’t understand ask him to explain what he was looking for.
  5. Do I play to reserved? Do I play too unreactive?

Without seeing you play it is hard to understand if you’ll be able to get anything meaningful. If you are a newbie and intermediate can likely teach you more then you can learn in a session.


that guy gave you the worst advice :s


True, but hopefully Floe will watch him play. I haven’t paid for lessons but I’m considering it once I get a bit better, and like the idea. Getting an expert to evaluate your skill level, prioritize your learning, maybe design a “curriculum”—all of this could save him valuable time vs reading random scrubs like me in forums. If he has a good job (and kids, other hobbies, etc.), then if Floe saves him 5 hours, that might be worth $500 to him, who knows.

Of course maybe Floe sucks at teaching and won’t do any of that, lol. But from his videos, it seems he’s probably a good teacher.

If you pay a master guitarist $30 for a half-hour lesson no one tells you “You’re an idiot—just google ‘guitar forums’ on the the internet and do what random people on there say.” Why are fighting games any different?