I have a problem....

well I want to get the PS3 version because of Kratos, but when I play MK tournaments at my locale game store they will only have 360 versions putting me at a disadvantage because if I get it I will enjoy playing as Kratos tons more than anyone else. So my question is should I: A)Get the xbox version so I’m used to the controller (and I have an xbox arcade stick) B)Get PS3 version and do more practicing with the cop guy (he is probably going to be my next fave) C)Just play as Kratos and go to the tourney get stomped on and still try to have fun.

First question you should ask is: Are sticks going to be provided? If so, or if you can layout your 360 then you can get away with it.
Second: Even if it were run on PS3 there’s a good chance Kratos would be banned for being console exclusive, so yes put time into Stryker

Get a stick, dual mod it for both consoles.

a) tournaments will most likley ban Kratos, use him for fun but not competition
b) they haven’t revealed who the 360 exclusive will be (“360 fans won’t be disappointed” according to Boon).

They said that about the final reward in the challenge tower and most are already disappointed in what it is. (yes it has been found out. Yes, it could also be one of Ed’s tricks like with MK2 and his Kano Transformation text in the game).

^what is the final reward?

and as for the thread will they let you bring a converter (or what ever its called) so your able to use a PS Triple control on an Xbox 360?

I’ll send a PM as to avoid spoilers for others

the leak from the hacked codes was who you fight at the top of the tower. We’re assuming that’s you unlock that said character when you win… I’m assuming the same as well. I’m sure the final fight won’t be just a 1-on-1 though but something more exciting.

Back to the topic at hand, if you are going to be playing at tournaments, don’t focus on Kratos, as he will be banned for being a console exclusive, it’s just how things work. Also, rep that Stryker well.