I have a problem

The problem i have is when I do C.MK -> slashes I only get 5 hits instead of six. This doesnt happen if I use S.MP, S.FP, C.LK, S.LK or C.LPx3.

Its really weird, not to mention when i do it from C.MK Yang doesnt even make the sound for the first slash. Its like C.MK -> silentness -> slashes 2,3,4 and 5. Which only results in five hits when I should be getting six.

Is this problem common? If so how do I fix it?

C.MK is like the easiest normal for me to land, then its S.MP maybe I should stick to S.MP

You are doing them too fast. Just slow down…I often miss the 1st slash as well after Flip Grab, cr. mk -> Ex Mantis but without the flip grab it’s actually pretty easy timing.