I have a question about video lag with VGA cables

I’m thinking of getting the Asus EVO monitor to hook my 360 up to so that I can practice and play SF4 with no lag. I’ve been playing on a DLP hooked up via component cables since it came out, and recently playing offline it has come to my attention my TV has a lot of lag, and it’s really screwing up my timing.

Now my Xbox360 does not have HDMI on it and I don’t really want to spend $100 for the adapter.

I do however have a VGA adapter.

Now I have played PS3 hooked to the Evo monitor hooked up via HDMI and it seemed to have virtually no lag.

My question is, if I hook my 360 up via VGA to the monitor, which is different than I’ve played via HDMI, is there a chance the VGA could make it lag at all?

I’m a noob to all this stuff, so sorry if it’s a noob question.


Check it out Brah!