I have a question and sticks and pads


ok i learned how to use a stick last year when SFIV dropped. it helped alot. but now i dont have my stick(in another state) but i really wanna play super. ive already played some but i was wondering if using the pad will screw up my muscle memory to bad? i dont wanna learn the stick all over again.


i meant “i have a question ABOUT sticks and pads” sorry


Not unless you drop it for an entire month or something, even then, the learning/memorizing curve will no longer be steep. I find that playing with a pad when I don’t have a stick to play with at friends houses not so bad. Sure, I suck ever worse with the pad, I can’t get longer combos off, but if you’re good with the stick, you can be decent with the pad. If it’s casual playing, should it even matter?