I have a question

I was wondering if the injustice gods among us fight stick that you can get with the game, is it good enuff for a noob like me that does not have much exp with a stick?

I will always suggest buying a Hori stick or building your own rather than buying one that is labeled “Fight Stick”. But considering you’re a noob if it’s under 100$ I say go for it.

its 149.99

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition

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The Injustice: Gods Among Us game disc
Exclusive Injustice: Gods Among Us Fight Stick featuring official artwork from the game and three exclusive skins based on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from DC COMICS - THE NEW 52. The Fight Stick is a light weight controller that boasts a non-skid foam underside, a lockout feature for the Start, Select and Guide buttons, as well as adjustable illumination for the buttons and joystick.

$150? For that kind of money you can get a Qanba Q4RAF, which is my personal recommendation. For a new player who doesn’t want to spend that much cash, any decent Mad Catz or Hori brand entry level fight stick will suffice.