I have a question?

Now this may be answered already but I’m only asking this from Gouki players only to get feedback and advice from Gouki players only…here it goes

I have a Madcatz SE arcade stick and I’m going to put a Sanwa Octo gate and Sanwa buttons to replace the factory ones…by having my SE mod would it make it just as good as the TE and what I mean is will it make it functional just like the TE version? and would it be a good idea to mod a SE stick?

I’m sorry for asking this question but I like the way Gouki players give me real good advice so I would only ask them this question…Sorry if someone else ask the same question before and I didn’t look it up I jusr figure this would be the quickest way to get an answer.

I heard that getting a SE stick isn’t good even if you mod it but I also heard that once you replace the stick and buttons with some quality Sanwa parts its a whole lot better and just as good as the TE in functionality wise meaning same stick and buttons are from sanwa so its just as good… outside of a few different things between SE and TE in look wise…Thank You and so sorry for making a new thread…

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wat?! 9000?!

Its all what works best for you we don’t know that only you do.


Thanks yo but I have a SE version and I like it plus I can mod it with authentic sanwa parts but advice from Gouki players would be helpful…(lol) thanks bro…hey hopefully we can play sometime in SFIV… I need practice with Gouki…

As an Akuma player I like my square gate for the short cut dp, kara demon and cMK buffer but I’m really gettin mad wen I throw 3 lps and lk tatsu doesn’t come out because I caught a corner on the gate. I’m thinking of checkin a octo gate out but I havea 360 SE with sanwa buttons and a sanwa jlf square gate stick and I like it better than the tes. the te’s are to smooth I like to feel the click of the joystick.


yeah I want to try the octo but i learned to do the shoryuken with the square by just doing from one coner to another like a charge attack but in my opinion i think the octo would be better for shoto fighters. and about the SE i think if you just mod the stick and buttons to sanwa the SE would just be as good as the TE in my opinion but I wanted to see what other Gouki players think…thanks

Just a note:

Be wary of the srk shortcut (df, df~P) as this motion does not work in other street fighters (or fighting games). If you can learn the tradition motion correctly, you can pull it off just as fast or fast with a stick (f,d,df ~p can be done with a flick of the stick on either square or octo gates).

I only make the suggestion because when I first played SF4 in Japan (used to live there, and go back every year), that shortcut would cause the DP to come out at times when I didnt want to, so I had to adjust my inputs prevent a “slopped” dp from coming out mid combo or during footies (a hangover form my 3S days).

…but obviously if it works for you, then my personal complaints on the shortcut annotation is just that: me complaining.

thanks celestrian

i just found out a way to do the shoryuken wout a problem now which is df db then df with a P and it comes easy like a charge character but instead its a shoryuken but whats hard is when i try to do a combo using the lk tatsu it doesn’t work because of the square gate and i been trying to come up with a way to do it but it just doesn’t come out…but thanks though

Most arcades use a square gate, so if you intend to play in an Arcade it would be good to go for one of those.

Scrub goku satsu

well I have a SE stick but i don’t think I’m going to arcades to play SFIV especially if I’m planning to go to evo next yeard I’ll have my own mod SE madcatz stick…lol (I’ll probably be the only one there with a SE madcatz stick) lol