I Have a Request .

If any one can do this i know you Image gods can.

I would like an av with spike spiegal walking/smoking and the theme is lonlyness/heartbreak. If any of yall have heard the song Come around again, by Signum, thats the mood i want. with the words “Comes Arond Again” in the background in lucinda caligraphy font. the color scheme should try and focus on dark/light blues. subtle greens and white and black. I know its kinda vague but i cant put this idea into words
:bluu: . but any try is welcom, please note the premiun status, so it can be better quality/bigger!


provide that walking/smoking animation and i will look into this.

its a little small but its what i found.

Here is one where he is already smoking.

so i have been thinking of a few ways to do this… now i did not use that script font but i did do this as a test run for you… what do you think…


looks good! but i just noticed i mispelled a word :smiley: , its supposed to be around. sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

i updated the file and added a slight delay in the smoking

alright thanks man, i really like it! :slight_smile: