I have a sickness

I made a second account for PSN and I troll online playing people, and if I win I send them messages taunting them. And if I lose I rage quit. The beauty is I don’t care if I lose PP because it’s not my real account.

I only do this when I lose like 8 in a row on my main account and need to cool off. It’s a terrible thing to do but it’s soooo fun.

Let me go grab my popcorn.


I also play ken and spam SRK all day.

High five!

Try picking dan and taunting all match. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with this game.

Cool story bro!!!

It’s really not and I shouldn’t do it. But I did it today and it was awesome. I should stop. I’ll probably stop. I’m going to stop. I told you it was a sickness. Better than throwing a TE stick across the room.

Have my children.

…No really, have them. They do my fucking head in.

init the truth mate. init.

If you can’t beat them join them?

Glorious exposition comrade

This sickness… are you down with it?

Also: cool story bro.

So, does anyone else like cottage cheese?

Say, arn’t you that kid that asked how to get better about a few months ago?

I wanna be like you when I grow up.

i’ll be sure to avoid you if i run into you one day.

if your options are being a douche or throwing your TE across the room, i dont think this game is for you…

in other news:Amazing anecdote, amigo.

I’m surprised somebody hasn’t prescribed some cow bell yet.

That’s the best part, you won’t know my fake PSN tag!