I have a Super Nintendo Entertainment System from a Sept. 20 garage sale. Now my question is


Hi everyone, I’m new to the forums. I’m a fan of action movies, especially ones with fighting in it, like Kung Fu movies with Bruce Lee. And last week, my family, my best friend, and I went to a garage sale being held by one of my mom’s co-workers, who was moving. By the end of the day, we were the last people at the garage sale. We were about to leave, but my mom’s co-worker had a little bit more stuff left that she wanted to give away, including a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (her son used to play it). Apparently, my mom’s co-worker wanted to get rid of all the “junk” left to give away, so she was giving it away for free. My best friend suggested that I take the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, since it was being given away for free, and we could play against each other on it at my house. I asked him why he’s not the one going for it, and he said that I’m the one who’s never had a video game console (we play his PS3 at his house), so I should be the one to have it. So I agreed. Now I needed a game to play on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It actually came with Super Mario World, but since I was a fan of fighting movies, my friend said I should play a fighting game instead. He said to get Mortal Kombat II (I never heard of this game. I don’t really know as much about video games as my friend does). Then he said it might gross us out, because of the gore. I was wondering if the average person would be grossed out by the gore. All I want is to buy a fighting game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that I have now.

Can you please give me your input?


Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting


I’m having a hard time believing that a person like this actually exists.

That said, the violence in MKII is pretty cartoony and fun. It came out when Mortal Kombat still had a sense of humor about itself. Grab that giant issue of EGM with MKII on the cover and go to town.


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