I have a unique problem


I got Ultra just last week but i’ve put in a lot of time already and played quite a bit at a friend’s house too. I’ve pretty much decided I want to play Gouken, but like I said, I have a pretty strange and frustrating problem… I’m fairly new to fighting games, that might be part of it. Oh, and if this is a bad place to ask this maybe someone can point me to a different place or forum altogether?

Anyhow, so here’s my issue. For some godforsaken reason, I cannot do simple combos. I just really really suck. But on the other hand, somehow I can FADC into ultra and other random fairly difficult things without any issue. For example with Gouken, I can FADC out of ex.Tatsu or ex.Palm into Shin Shoryuken without too much trouble, but I can’t do standing hp into Palm, or cr.mp into hadouken for my life. I just can’t get the timing down… it’s really frustrating since I understand ways to do big damage but I can’t set up my combos. I started the game with Akuma, and between him and Gouken I’ve probably tried to do punch into hadouken for like 4 hours… with maybe 10 successes… max. there has to be something I am doing wrong. I’ve tried a bunch of other characters but Poison is the only other one I’ve tried seriously. Gouken is who I really want to play though. Any tips?


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For cr. mp into hadouken, it helps to do it in one motion.

With your stick hand, just do a quarter circle.

With your button hand, as soon as your stick hand hits the down portion, press mp. As soon as your stick hand hits forward, press hp. Do not pause your stick hand at any moment. Also, go into training room and check your inputs after each success (or failure) to see what inputs you might have missed, or if you mistimed your button presses.

This assumes, of course, that you are using a stick. If you aren’t, then this won’t help you much, sorry. But in general I wouldn’t feel bad about messing up at these things, fighting games require a set of hand dexterity that not many other games teach.


There is no timing for a cancel, simply do it as fast as possible, you cannot do it too fast.
You are most definately doing something wrong because a cr.mp xx hadouken is braindead easy, even a beginner should have no problems doing it after a while.

If you know how to do am hadouken every time, you shouldnt have trouble doing it from a normal attack.
hold down or downback with cr.mp, from there simply do the hadouken motion WITHOUT going back to neutral first, it is a fast and flowing motion. once you reach forward press the hp, you have to press hp at the same time or after you reach forward.

think about this sequence: press normal>do motion>press button.
I’ve never met a beginner who couldn’t do it after i showed them and walked them through the steps, they got it semi consistently eventhough they never played a SF before in their lives.

basically do what bypostman said, it should work.
Maybe if you have friend in real life who also plays sf, if he can show you, it will help alot.


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Good luck in training mode.


What combo are you trying to do? You might be doing something that doesnt work.


Just the ones in the challenge mode.


Doing the cancels in one motion works perfectly. I’m instantly like 1% to 90% lol. I was doing exactly what you shouldn’t apparently… returning to neutral. Seeing how fast it’s supposed to be no wonder I couldn’t do it before. Links are a pain though… I’ll have to grind through those a while.

I used to play Injustice a lot and combos require much less timing and more just getting the moves off. Much different from SF.


yeh the reason you can do FADC stuff more easily than links is probably because FADC requires less timing, you just do the move and then press FA and dash. Links are stricter timing-wise, especially coming from a chain fighter. SF combos are more like juggle combos, where you have to wait till the opponent reaches a certain height to do the move.