I have a USB, plug-and-play numeric keypad. How can I

…change 3 of the keys to perform other keyboard functions?

Let me explain. My keyboard already has the standard numeric keypad built in, but heavy use of it is putting a lot of strain on my right hand/arm. The separate keypad enables me to use my thumbs. The disadvantage, though, is that I have to slow down to make use of the “A”, “P”, and “Tab” keys on the keyboard. Is there a way to make the:
[]"/" key act as an “A” key?
]"" key act as a “P” key?
]"-" key act as a “Tab” key?

If someone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

There are programs that allow you to do this such as Xpadder and auto-hotkey

Thanks. :pray: Will give it a try…