I have an interesting question. What are some close combat fighting techniques that

Aren’t grabs, or fatal? I’ve been curious to find some online and haven’t been able to really find any.

It’s something that would be relevant to a 2d fighter, What i’ve been looking for is something that would accentuate weapon play. For example, two guys are having a sword fight with these massive two handed swords. when they’re in each others face what can they do besides kiss that would be logically beneficial?

The only thing that comes to mind is something along the lines of a Hilt thrust that would push the guy away and stun them to open them up to a huge sword swipe.

This can be anything from actual techniques that exist… to completely made up and just plain cool. Anyone have any interesting ideas for how to replace a grab in a game?




HEEELtotheballs… headbutt… right straight… dangadangitydang, over and out.

EDIT: BTW your question isnt interesting. And pretty much every fighting technique ever devised (that isnt a grab or fatal) pretty much fits the answer youre looking for.

lol not like we dont have an mma thread.

You have two guys fighting with giant two handed swords and you are asking of there is something non-fatal that they could do? They are fighting with SWORDS!?1?!ONE

This thread is retarded but since I am nice I will let you know that there are moves that one can do in close range that aren’t hilt strikes that actually use the blade itself that aren’t fatal. I’m just not nice enough to tell you what they are.

I figured this angel, such as hilt strikes and the like. But they’re a little meh.