I have an odd question


Who do you think would be the top 5 in 3s IF all the options on the DC versions system direction were turned on (minus the health bar regenerating and the super bar going up on its own) lets say 4 full length super bars, full at start of match, all supers, cancel normal move into normal move, cancel normal into special, cancel special into special and all the super cancels. Who would be the top 5? I imagine it would be an odd list, as best I can figure it would be.

Elena (cancel any knockdown into healing would be hard to beat)
Alex (multi-stun gun combos)
Ryu (denjin combos)
Chun (cancel #2 super into #1 super into #3 super eek)
Yun (cancel anything into a v-ism combo)

I know its an odd question but playing the game this way with your friends can be a lot of fun, as a screw around fast paced 9 second win kind of game.


hmmz. yeah, odd topic, but it’s fun to think about the what-ifs :D.

if i were using Ryu and i could cancel a super into another super, i’d start of with Denjin and stun the guy. then just go c.forward/c. fierce -> Shinkuu and juggle with fierce Shoryuken xx Shinshoryuken or something :p.

if there was no limit on supers, i’d just pick Shinshoryuken and go into it in the corner. after the super, dash -> Shoryuken xx Shinshoryuken 'til he gives up :lol:.


Well I said 4 super bars to avoid infinite supers that can loop, but with ryu you can cancel an uncharged Dejin into a super so on wakeup it makes an unblockable, unparryable #1 or #2 super on someone… you should try and play the computer with it set like this its pretty insane, with akuma you can do a combo of

F. strong (overhead) cancel on 2nd hit to b. Forward cancel to Back fierce cancel to back roundhouse cancel to short HK then jab DP cancel to Super #3 halfway up cancel that to an Air Super #1… makes for some sick MvC looking combos haha

you can set it all in your ‘system direction’ menu.



i would, but i don’t own a DC. just the coin-ops for me :(.


One thing you left out is if you’d adjust the juggle tolerance setting (whatever it’s called) that defaults at 2 stars. If you set it to the max, many characters have infinite juggles. With chain combos, cancel any normal to special, and max juggling Makoto low short = 100% combo.


Do I smell a completely out of character, absurdly funny combo vid?



Giving me permission to use stun or do combos on Q would already be ridiculous. Letting me adjust System Direction would be frightening. Let’s not even think about it.


Haha that might be fun just to show, but i think you could actually play with the other settings I was talking about on with your friends and make it interesting… with juggles all the way up it would just be an infinite fest…not the mvc2 isnt that by default settings… but hey


i have 10 pages and extra options and see nothing that lets me increase the juggle limits. where is this option to mess around with for fun?


Very last setting, “AIR COMBO SKILL” The default is 2 stars. If you set it to 1, it cuts down on the number of juggle hits you can do. 3 stars increases it to a silly, but still managable amount. At the max setting of 4 stars, it turns off the juggle limit, essentially. You can juggle infinitely with moves like Makoto’s hayate (from anywhere on screen, hence the 100% I mentioned), Urien’s tackles or fireballs, etc. If you stun them, you can juggle infinitely with stuff like jabs and strongs.