I have become re-motivated


A little while ago, I posted a thread in which I stated that my interest in the game had begun to wane as a result of the various complexities in terms of moves, jargon, etc. Well, it seems that I have begun to become intrinsically motivated to practice and perfect the various moves; this began today after school, when I went into training mod and begun to go over the various moves already “mastered” (Hadouken, Hurricane Kick).

All of a sudden, I begun to notice a ‘button-mashing’ pattern and roughly figured out how to perform the Shoryuken… Well, now I’m feeling an absolute compulsion, as if an inherent NEED to practice and get better, something that was sorely lacking in my earlier attempts at wanting to get better… Should I welcome it as a sign of revitalization?


I guess?

But I’d recommend learning the proper motions for all the specials and don’t empathize on them too much and learn your characters normals and when to use them for starters, that’ll set up a better foundation compared to you going online and doing random specials all game. Keep practicing :china:


Kick, punch, block. I got the funky flow.
M-I-X the flour to the bowl.


Tessius is right, don’t underestimate those normals. Definitely learn how to block too! It seems so simple, but it can be really hard to learn to do it properly. But yeah, you should definitely roll with that motivation. The only place to go is up.


learn defensive playstyles first before offensive imo. that’s how a lot of beginner turtlers beat beginner aggros.