I have been chosen by my manager to help interview my new supervisor

I will help administer some of the questions, and have a chance to include some of my own questions. And I was wondering what are some good questions to ask?

A little background: I am a business process analyst for a fortune 150 insurance company. Our team is the Process, Innovation, and Control team. We help support our department of many specialists that are in a production environment. We analyze current processes and identify gaps, or opportunites to help streamline, and improve processes to reduce specialist effort, and blah blah blah.

I have some in mind already but my mind is spread thin right now, and I would love some out of the box input right about now.

Thanks young bro playas

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Do you own damned job, no one here is a business process analyst

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your manager probably just read some new management book and is eager to try out stuff

i hate it when that happens to my boss, i just roll with it

Why the fuck did I come in this thread when I don’t know shit about being an interviewer?

I had the same job a few years ago, only we called it 'Internal Auditing.'
In particular, I addressed international logistics for a Japanese car manufacturer
which shall remain nameless. I fired a few people but I didn’t do any hiring.
Hiring my own superior certainly isn’t my style. I advise you to realise your own
net worth and stop being a commodity.

Ask them if they’re willing to do anything to get the job, then smile and wink at them in a sexy way.

Ask them “If you could have any super power, what would it be?”

(Hell with some of the stupid **** you get in some interview questions that is probably a normal one)

Think of what was wrong with the last manager and ask a question pertaining to that. That’s how I looked at it when I was included in the interview process for the supervisor position. Questions like, ‘Can you briefly describe your management style?’. I asked a similar question to find out if I’m going to be left alone to solve problems or will he/she be breathing on my neck every damn time.

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here are some questions you can ask


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don’t need to ask any questions

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