I have been patient up until now!

Okay, I started play third strike like a couple of months ago. I’ve known about the series for quite a long time. Long story short: I still haven’t unlocked GILL !!!:annoy:
At first, I left it on auto-save and the system direction on normal. (Beat the game with everyone and still didn’t get him)
Then I took auto-save off [manual save: on], & changed the system direction and set # of matches to 1.
(Beat it again with everyone and still haven’t got him)

What am I doing wrong. Is it because I haven’t defeated Q in arcade mode, b/c I came across him a couple of times & lost.
Please help me:wasted:

Are you retarded?

No, just stupid:confused:

You haven’t beat it with everyone, simple as that really…


Start at the top and work your way down. IIRC it doesn’t matter what your other settings are as long as you do NOT touch System Direction. Basically if you think you beat it with everyone and you still can’t pick Gill then you haven’t beaten it with everyone. Try going in a different mode and accessing each character’s extra colors. If you can’t then that’s the character you haven’t beaten it with.